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WiTribe Internet Speed Test

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  1. Wi-tribe 512k Economical Package speed is very very slow , Even if you near with booster and have good signals. even i can’t watch youtube clips smoothly. Also helpline and sales number 111 187 423 is Always busy busy busy busy even if you want to contact with there sales department 😉 , they mention 7gb monthly limit on website tarrif but its actually only 5gb a month. so its another lie.
    to avoid negative comments please improve your service and give more limit in packages.

  2. it is too slow please increse its speed

  3. I connected wi-tribe.Its speed is very slow in 512kbps.When i checked it s speed from internet speed check its speed was 256kbps.

  4. welcome to the club guyz, wifi / wireless support can never be good as compared to dsl
    its quite better that you use ur ptcl landline for dsl. if u aint have one,its quite easy nowadays to get one,
    dsl is like 1000000000 times better than all these wifi stuff.

  5. kakatwg ko lng knina tas ngtest ako ng speed test .8 lng,akala ko ba kahit na 1 light lng ang nasa modem aabot sya ng .8,e di naman

  6. please increase limit pckage

  7. this is good speedometer for internet speed check but if u want to know more about Ur Internet connection speed of Uploading & Downloading and also u want to see Reverse IP Look Up, Ping Test, SEO Report, Trace Route, Link Checker, DNS Look Up, Website Status
    i find really simple n smart link http://www.speedtest.pk

  8. hi can u please increase ur package limite.whenever i donwload anything i m starting wrried about my internet volume plz plz plz give us unlimited downloading volume plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. it is soo good plz increse ur packeges

  10. i m using witribe in the are of sanda with motorola devise.the signal is too low and only 1 out of 5

  11. dudes this service is getting worse day by day . i play couterstrike online, and since yesday ma ping is around 1_2000 !!! the company shud make things better or i shall remve this service and try some other isp

  12. wooh! over! too slow! i can’t finish may downloads..

  13. ma accept krta hon k witribe ke speed bout ache but hmary aria ma covrige tak nye ha.ma requst krta hon k covrage tak kryn.my cell num 03333327948 thanks

  14. brother witribe speed kuch samjh nahi arahe hai 512 ki speed bataye aur 256 bhey nahi day rahe ho awam ko bewakoof mat banao… from karachi Gulshan-e-maymar

  15. brother witribe speed kuch samjh nahi arahe hai 1mb ki speed bataye aur 256 bhey nahi day rahe ho awam ko bewakoof mat banao

  16. i want to change my connection…wi-tribe so slow:(

  17. gooooooood performanc thanx wi-tribe but speeed is slown plz give me a information to hi speed cost

  18. its 1mb speed is best……..Ahmad khan…..

  19. speed is very slow by using 1mbs speed it gives less then 256kbps wi tribe you making such a fool be sincere to user at least dont tell lie

  20. please increase your speed
    i hve a packg of 512kbps but here is 160kbps speeed which is so slow please increase your speed and service…………………..

  21. my packege is of 1MB n my speed is 243kbps for this speed i pay u money?
    plz dont lie to ur custoimers soon i’ll put ur router in the waste bin



  24. mohsan ali brohi

    dear w trib speed slow hy plz chk kro ye speed 1m hy ya 243k hy ya hm ko bewakof bana rahi ho

  25. witribe ur speed iz not in proper runing i have 1mb link but when i check speed it was on 308kbps wt iz this??

  26. Getting a Wi-tribe connection now, means throwing your money down the drain. An internet connection which was so good in the past has become a piece of shit.

  27. plzzzzzzzzz wi-tribe u r losing ur customers ur net working is not in a good position i am very sad coz why i purchase ur connection i should shame on myself Ahha wt i do now??

  28. yar wi tribe sey agar aap sirf 5 mb ke downloading karo to 15 mint sey zyada time lagta ha kya faida is speed ka?

  29. 512 kb ke jaga wi tribe ke 160 kb ke speed aate ha mainey abe check kya ha pher kya faida 512 kb ke speed ka?

  30. dear users main ne witribe ka new connection 05 july ko liya hai
    02 din tu speed buhat super thi 512kbps ki 675kbps speed arahi thi
    per aj jab main ne system on kiya tu net buhat slow chal rha tha youtube tak ki buffering nahi ho rahi thi speed meter per speed per speed check ki tu 130kbps arahi thi then i call to helpline but koie faida nahi howa ultu sedhay sawal kar kay call drop kardi yani yeh masla kam say arahi hai kya isi time speed low hoti hai,etc etc
    ik tu 512kpbs kay 750 rupee lay rahe hai upper say speed bhi puri nahi day rahe hain yeh tu sar ra sar customers kay sath zaydti hai.
    then i reactive my mobilink infinity connection its good guy
    800 hundred main 512kpbs speed with 7gb monthly usage with voice 100 mints free to any network.

  31. i want to change my connection. wi-tribe to slow

  32. plz increase internet speed i am using wi tribe 1mb package. i am not satisfy wi tribe company.when i check speed it show 256.

  33. bhai!bhai! bhai! humara 512 ka package hai aur 120 arahe hai kuch karein

  34. v good i am feeling this time that i have a best one net conaction who,se name iz WI-TRIBE ummmmmmmmmmha i love wi-tribe 2 much best runing 4rm few dayes THANX t wining team of wi-tribe :))

  35. i dont test this net

  36. What the fuking hell is it… mannnn i m using 1mb speed and its showing 365… huh badd services Huh… and customer care is always bussy huh hell “Wi-Tribe”

  37. I think in the amount we are paying for any service of wi-tribe is reasonable. in this amount the speed of any connection is sufficient. I am totally satisfied with the service and speed.

  38. realy very very low speed

  39. increase your speed.. grabe.. sayang pera..

  40. This Is Fuck I Hate Wi-tribe Its Soooooooooooooo Slow Damit i m using 1mb and is showing 506kbps 🙁 hell kind of wi tribe make it fast wi triber

  41. yar ap sa to ma he bater ho na bill do na he divice do our free ma enjoy karo speed be theek ha bus ap bill na do ap ka net off neih ho ga more detail contact us 0313-7363675 0322-6224889

  42. may nay 3 din phly witribe purchase ki hai

    512kb endless ka sath 1200 rupees per month.

    dowloading speed 20kb say oper ni ja ri hai but browsing boht achi hai or uploading 50kb hai. mgr buri bat ye ka dowloading to too low haii..
    ab 1 mb may change krny ki request ki hai agr es pr 150kb speed a gai tu best hai agr ni tu pir may witribe wapis kr do ga.mzeed details ka ly contact krain 03444446080

  43. My Witribe is working Good…

  44. brothers and sisters ptcl is the best for pakistan…and even good service… i got imb package in rural area and its giving me more then 1mb …ptcl is the best..
    lucky me

  45. wow my downloading speed is 1336 on 1mb is this good on student package..


  47. am bagal ng internet connection ko.. grabe!!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. but di umaabot ng 1mbps ang speed na avail ko. ganito b talaga to?
    pano ko ipapa-upgrade ng 2mbps to kung ganito kabagal to!!!
    pls reply…

  49. can u increase my internet speed… i avail 1mbps but it didn’t reached 1mbps…

  50. I have a better option for all of u… If anyone want to avail feel free to contact us on this num 03455489999….

  51. Just 2 days before I get wi tribe 512 kbps connection which is completely fail when I check speed only 10 kbps and now I am completely angry. Now I return this fake connection as soon as well.

    Wi Tribe is Sllllllllllloooooowwwwww FFFFFFaaaakkkkeeeeeee

  52. i got 1.5 mb speed, on 23-10-2011 at 3.35 i test the speed but result shown 510 kbs, its total fail connection in lahore. so wi-tribe company and its owner and staff is cheater and fraude.

    nadir 0333-4495889

  53. i dont know what am i paying 4 i got 998plans its just too slow why is this some kind net scam trying to pursue you about their fast internet connection and maybe i got scam by wi tribe shit its a fake its ??????????????

  54. wi tribe is so slow…. we got 104kbps test!!!

  55. wi tribe is so slow…. we got 104kbps speed test!!!

  56. wi-tribe is very slow….. sham

  57. if u check the speed on CHECK INTERNET SPEED it ill show your real speed

  58. wi tribe is total fraud koee b na ly
    too slow
    koee b na lyy plz plz
    sirf appka waqt barbadd hoga

  59. net speed is very slow…

  60. I test my 512Mb witribe connection at 7:00pm it’s result download 0.16Mbps and upload 0.02Mbps… IT IS VERY VERY (beaucoup trop de) SLOWWWWW… Witribe is not good/reliable/not fast.


  61. yahan sub panchood wa gande witribe panchood may tay bus phas gaya yaro tuse he bach jao ge .what kind a muslims fake i hate it .kute day bachay witribe

  62. Wi tribe sucks big time. Thinking of getting rid of it. Guys do not ever think of purchasing it. Dont worth at all.

  63. i can,t belive it :0 :0 0.06MB shitttt :((( i got 1mb speed.

  64. sir mari speed 512 ji hai par 20 kb aa rahe hai batao main kya karo

  65. sir mari download speed 15 kb aa rahe hai 03238899787 bolo main kya karo

  66. i have a wi-tribe connection of 512 kbps but i got 0.26 mbps means 260 kbps in karachi i think its (wi-tribe) totaly failed …

  67. speed is undesirably very slow. i have checked at 20:38 on 14 jan 2012 and found 0.188 Mb/s for a required package of 1 Mb/s which is highly disappointed. if , same results persists then, unfortunately ,I had to quit wi-tribe. Management of wi-tribe must pay attention to clients feedbacks and take complaints as a new business opportunity. thanks, think positive and respond positive.

  68. i got 1 mb. its downlosding is 283 kb, n uploading is 293. wat a fake company, not no1 but no 10 surely

  69. its 1 mb package, its 14.88 kb , wat da heel. it was .283 before and .293, o my GOD

  70. sir mari download speed 15 kb aa rahe hai 03454072723 bolo main kya karo

  71. wi tribe is so slow…. we got 104kbps speed test!!! 03454072723

  72. net speed is very slow… 03454072723

  73. han yar THAKA ha ha Wi tribe

  74. oh!it’s bloody fake wi-tribe is cheapest network i had ever used i swear i will not ever use this internet connection again……………..

  75. S. Anjum Hussain Zaidi

    I got 2 MB package but speed is very slow please check and solve the speed problems thanks 03002386816

  76. its 1 mb package, its 14.88 kb , wat da heel. it was .283 before and .293, o my GOD

  77. 133 Kb speed ari ha sir G? bill time pa pay kerny ka ye Sila ha?

  78. I have a wi-tribe 1MB speed connection but i am satisfied it shows me perfect speed 1134 Kbps in karachi. Wi-Tribe heads off to you…….

  79. whats ths bloody shit….1 mbps connection n just getting 0.22 mbps…….*uck

  80. Sir meri net ki speed bohot slow he me keya karon is k liye plz sir mujhe bataye gey keya? 03343716307

  81. witribe boht slow ha 512 ma sirf 20 kb….damed

  82. sir,sir krny say kuch nhe ho ga. koe connection he mat loo, 1mbps me 0,039 speed aa rahi ha,,,,, haraam k paisy nhe hain hamay pass wi-tribe k owner k leye sharam to aati nhe ha en ko loll………………….

  83. marilyn p. yatar

    Im also new wi-tribe subcriber i have 4mbps but its very slow internet,wi-tribe is not good for business

  84. Me ne 1mb speed li thi pr abi 2 days huy ha or speed 584kb a rhi ha
    meri problam abi solve ki jay

  85. why is that wi-tribe is so slow during 12noon up to 11 pm ? someone answer please ! can’t download , play games well . !!!!

  86. fuck off wi tribe SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  87. totally fraud company ha ya this facebook witribe fraud page give your commint on that and scam this company


  88. bohat he bakar h itz fake
    i had 1 mb connection n speed iz .107mbps i thynk i shuld buy ptc 🙁 even in skp voice chat iz not possible

  89. Muhammad ASSADULLAH Khan

    i thinG wi-tribe is n0t bAd,,,,but wath ever

  90. Bhaaaaiyyyooooonnnnnn Wi Tribe connection is the worst thing ver happened to me. They are real Cheaters. Instead of 1 Mb speed they are only giving me 200 Kb. I am gonna return this shit to them Tomorrow.

  91. yeh to bkwas h yr mera 1 mbps ka pckg h 256 speed arhi h

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