Why Speed Test of PTCL Internet DSL Connection is Important?

In most cases, Internet service providers only communicate to their customers the theoretical maximum throughput that will be available on their networks for each type of subscription, Same is with PTCL, they give Internet connection of 2mb, 4mb, 8mb etc. but are they providing actualy same internet speed ?  Now, this value is purely speculative, it results from no test! This is a simple estimate based only on the technical information of the length and diameter of the connection cables.

In practice, it is therefore highly unlikely that the connection will actually reach this rate. Its performance will depend on multiple external factors:

  • Computer equipment (PC, modem)
  • local network ( Wi-Fi , PLC , Ethernet …)
  • Quality of service of the operator (clamping, overloads …)
  • Maintenance of cables (PTCL Landline, Fiber, DSL Splitter, or other wires).

Measuring your actual PTCL Speed Test will allow you to estimate the possibilities truly offered by your connection. For example, downloading an HD movie can take up to 6 hours with an ADSL connection of 2 Mbps, about 1.5 hours with an ADSL connection of 8 Mbps, a bit more 30 minutes in ADSL 20 Mb / s, a little less than a quarter of an hour with the VDSL2 technology at 50 Mb / s and finally, between one and two minutes with the fiber optic at 500 Mb / s.

We recommend you to use PTCL Speed Test app for this.

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