What does the perfect mouth look like from science?

All tastes and colors are in nature. Everything is only a history of subjectivity; One can be sensitive to the freckles or hate them, one can adore the lips fine or mouths very pulpy. So can we really say that there is a perfect mouth? According to scientists at the University of California, yes.

What is the perfect mouth?

In order to carry out this study and to know if there are criteria of beauty in terms of mouth, 500 participants had to judge several forms of lips on a scale of 10 points, ranging from the finest to the most pulpy. Then they were shown the same mouth, but retouched in different shapes, and applied on the same face. It is found that the shape of a mouth can really change the face of a person!

Then, a different approach was taken, since different lips were taken and the thickness of the upper and lower lips was corrected. Again, the rendering is amazing!

The interest of the study was to know which mouth was the most attractive. And the results are what one expects: the luscious lips prevail with all hands. On the retouched photos, the lips enlarged by more than 50% are much preferred, especially for those whose upper lip is slightly larger than the lower.

Examples of mouths that attract as many people as possible

For the adjective “perfect” is not totally adequate in terms of physics, one will choose here to talk about mouth that have the most success.

So we can talk about Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande.

But it is not because this type of lips attracts the greatest number that must be complexed. Isolating a part of the body or face is easy. One has the right to love his thin lips, or complex on his full mouth. Everyone’s tastes, each one its complexes!

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