Smog Safety Precautions

This smog is a highly toxic and can cause serious respiratory problems along with Nose and Eye irritation.


Please take following safety precautions till the situation improves:


  • Keep your windows closed. Be it your vehicle, office, home, etc. Don’t let smog enter enclosed room or space. Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities.


  • Car owners and bikers should avoid congested areas where traffic jams happen i.e. road junctions. Car windows should be kept closed at all times. Bikers can take a route which has the least traffic obstructions. In case of traffic jam, turn off engine to reduce further environment pollution


  • For people with asthma or respiratory issues, have your inhaler with you at all times. Don’t travel alone and keep your doctor on speed dial in case your condition worsens. Avoid doing physical activity that results in increasing breathing patterns.


You are welcome to share any missing info. or any valuable experience. Thanks

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