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Quratulain Baloch’s Woh Humsafar Tha Lyrics

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37 Responses

  1. Abdul Basit Siddiq says:

    Im just dying of the guitar solo and vocals. QB did a fantastic work and for the composer i salute her..!

  2. zaidi says:


  3. humayun says:

    i just love qb and fawad
    just lovely song

  4. Waqar Ahmad says:

    love it … And excellet composing by Waqar Ali

  5. hania says:

    awesome song just love it cool and its drama serial as well

  6. M. Rizwan says:

    Awesome song, touches heart!!!

  7. Naveed says:

    Yar Amazing song! great voice nice poetry

  8. beenish zakir says:

    i just love this song….heart touching song….!

  9. nina butt says:

    really heart touching song wid awwwwwwww$$$$uuuummmmee lyrics <3<3<3<3<3<3 …… :):):):):)

  10. zubair shah says:

    i love this song

  11. ANNIE says:


  12. Tapasya says:

    can someone please post the translation to this song. i don’t speak urdu but i saw the video and really liked it and i want to know what the song means. can you please post the english translation of this song.
    thank you 🙂

    Love you Fawad Khan!!! You always look great!!

  13. RAAN CHAND says:

    Nice poetry. beautiful vice by Qurat-ul-ain…………………….

  14. Javaid says:

    @Tapasya, main theme of the hamsafar song translated for ya:

    When we parted ways, neither did you cry nor did I

    But what is this, a peaceful sleep ever since, neither did you get nor did I

    He was my soul mate, he was my companion

    He was my soul mate, but not in harmony were we…

    Like the Sunlight and the Shade

    Like the Sunlight and the Shade together, but as apart as they can be

    He was my soul mate, he was my companion

  15. georgia says:

    When we parted ways, Neither you cried nor I, But, what is this, A peaceful sleep since, Has not touched our eyes? He was my companion, But not in harmony were we, Like the clouds and sunlight, Together but as apart as can be. There were feelings of animosity, Indifference, And anguish between us, My departed lover, had been everything, But unfaithful. Last time I looked into his eyes, My poetry reflected back at me, Verses, that which I had never, Recited to anyone

  16. sohail says:

    What A Lovely Voice & Lyrics !!!!!!!!!!
    I Like This Voice So Much ………….

  17. Faysal says:

    Mindblowng voice n aala lyrics..qb chaa gae ho tm ..suprb work by waqar bhai

  18. Mohammad Abid says:

    Mind blwing song….amazing….. superb……i never listen befor that kind of beatiful song.

  19. Marvi khan says:

    Quratulain your voice humsafar song and lyrics toooooooooooooooooooooo gud….

  20. fatima says:

    its like the best song ever!!!!!!♥ can u imagine such a cute loving and heart touching song qbs! voice is gud in it! AND YES I GET HAPPY WITH THE SERIAL

  21. Kalpana says:

    Absolutely the best translation is the one submitted by Georgia!
    The feel,the nuance and all!

  22. tariq says:

    the original poetry by naseer turabi was written in 1971 after the fall of Dhaka [ formerly East Pakistan] the other half that we lost because of intrigues and betrayal within and from outside. now that i listen to the song humsafar the verses so closely relates to the tragedy it hurts more and the pain is deeply felt.

  23. Abo Shahzad says:

    Naseer Turabi, Waqar Ali & Annie Baloch …
    remember me 2002 …

    Well, Performed Very Well …

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