Pakistan Railways Reservation Online

Book your Train tickets online for travel in Pakistan. It’s simple and that’s it.

Check train schedules and ticket prices in a clear interface, You’ll love buying train tickets, no need to go to the railway station or stand in long queue. It’s very easy and fast way so that buying a ticket is as simple as jumping on a train from the dock.

Step 1:

You can check seat availability from “Pakistan Railway Seat Reservation” select Your departure date, From Station and To Station with optional train name selection. Click “Search Seat“.

Step 2:

Your page will be refreshed and the list of available trains will be available for your selection of Class type: AC Business, AC Lower / Standard, Economy, Parlor Car.

Step 3:

Now you will be redirected to the page where you can select SEAT ONLY or SEAT & BERTH Available trains going to chosen date.
This page contains details of
Vacant Seats with Green Background.
Booked Seats with Red Background.
Selected Seats with Blue Background.
Once you selected required seats, click on “Book Selected Seats”

Step 4:

Login Your Credentials after that choose the way to payment that is via bank debit / credit card or UBL Omni mobile account. after that pay the ticket prices and you will get a message on your mobile by Pak railways, This message will be consider as your ticket
.Don’t have an account? Click here to register.Forgot Password? Click here to recover password.


Little things from Pakistan Railways

  • No additional costs
    Buy your tickets at prices set by carriers.
  • Reduction Cards
    They are all accepted, like your loyalty cards.
  • Pay as you want
    bank debit / credit card or UBL Omni mobile account.


  • Upto 1040 RsFrom Lahore
  • Upto 1230 RsFrom Rawalpindi
  • Upto 810 RsFrom Multan
  • Upto 760 RsFrom Quetta

  • Upto 1040 RsFrom Karachi
  • Upto 350 RsFrom Rawalpindi
  • Upto 370 RsFrom Multan
  • Upto 990 RsFrom Quetta


  • Upto 1230 RsFrom Karachi
  • Upto 350 RsFrom Lahore
  • Upto 570 RsFrom Multan
  • Upto 1540 RsFrom Quetta

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