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Pakistan Murree hotels Address & contact Phone Numbers

Gillanis Hotel, Club Road 0513410836

Murree Queens, Club Road 0513412004-0513411580

Happy holiday, Club Road 0513412391

Falton Hotel, Bank Road 0513411464-65

Al-Hayat Guest House, Bank Road 0513410664

Sherwani House, Bank Road 0513411224

Hotel 4 Season, Bank Road 0513412897-98 Fax:412889

Al-Maida Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410281

Marhabba Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410183-051410284

Usmania Hotel and Resurent, Jinnah Road 0513411337

Al-Saud Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410250

Glamours, Jinnah Road 0513410232

The Mall Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410206

New Moon Light, Jinnah Road 0513411594

Al-Bilal Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513411281

Al-Khaliq Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513412345

Chinar Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410244-45-0513410744

Waqar Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410209

Khyber Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410182

Magistic Hotel, Jinnah Road

Tahir Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513412719

New Punjab Frontier Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513410642

Hotel HOliday Express, Jinnah Road 0513411178

Hotel Orient, Jinnah Road 0513410155

Al-Khleej Hotel, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513412237-38

Wood Land, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411227-0513412227

Kashmir Paradise, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411922

Sky View, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513412049

Pleasent View, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411234-0513411448-9

Shobra Hotel, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513410177

Khan’s Heaven, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513412228-229

Paradise, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513410044

Blue Star Hotel, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411372

Al-Falah Guest House, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513410315

Hill Palace, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411413

Bilton Guest House, near T.M.A, Shortcut Road 0513411364

Siroz Hotel, near G.P.O 0513411891-92

Hotel Java International, near G.P.O 0513410887

Ritz Continental Hotel, near G.P.O 0513410876

Taj Mehal Hotel, near G.P.O 0513411081

Kashmir Villa, near G.P.O 0513410408

Mall View Hotel, Jinnah Road 0513411111

Ambassador Hotel, near G.P.O 0513411074

Twin Star, Kuldana Road 0513411301

New Empire Hotel, Kuldana Road 0513411085

Crystal Palace Hotel, Cart Road 0513411700

Faran Hotel, Kuldana Road 0513411270

New Faran Hotel, Kuldana Road 0513410380

Hotel Al-Ain, Kuldana Road 0513412944-5

Bright Land Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410570

Lock Wood Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410112-0513410228

Musiari Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411514

AlQamer Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410300

Dilkshah Hotel, Cart Road 0513410005-0513410008

AlBader Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411705-051410764

Fountain View, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410873

Islamabad View Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411499

Diana City, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513412124

Capital Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411407

AlSabtini Hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513410106

Red Himalayan hotel, Upper Ghikagali Road  0513410379

Sirghoda guest house 0513422459

Green Flats, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513411034

Bilal Guest House, Imtiaz Shaheed Road 0513412560

Wood Berry Hotel, Club Road 0513411212-13

Greens View Hotel, Club Road 0513410978

Tree Top Hotel, Club Road 0513410015

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