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Nawafils for 29th Ramadan(5th Shab-e-Qadr)

*Read 4 rakaat nafals with 2 salaams.In every Rakat,after Surah Fateha, read Surah Qadar once & Surah Ikhlaas 3 times.Then after Salaam recite Surah Alm- Nashrah 27 times. This namaz is very helpful in strengthen your belief / Iman.

*Read 4 rakaat nafals with 2 salaams. In every Rakat,after Surah Fateha,read Surah Qadar once & Surah Ikhlaas 5 times.Then after Salaam read Darood Shareef 100 times.

*It is useful to recite Surah Waqaiya 7 times for the success of your business.

Please try to perform some of the Nawafil to gain Sawaab & not to let go of these precious nights, as they come only once a year! and remember me and my family in your duas

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  1. thnx heena .. This relly helpd me.. May allah give u jazah for this..

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