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Medical Benefits of Vegetables.

Capsicum comes in 4 colors, red, green, yellow and orange and is widely used as a vegetable in western countries. In  Malaysia, capsicums are used as a garnish or used in salads. Instead of using chilies in your cooking, you can omit them with capsicum.
Capsicums are good to be consumed regularly by rheumatic arthritis patients. The properties from the capsicum will help reduce the gas trapped in between the bones. Capsicum can be consumed by juicing it, cooked or eaten raw.
Brinjal or eggplant comes in many varieties. Brinjals are low in calorie and rich in potassium, sodium and folic acid. Obese or overweight individuals are advised to eat brinjals to help them lose weight.Brinjal
However those who suffer from rashes or any type of skin disease are strictly forbidden to eat brinjals. Brinjals has properties to cure stomach cancer. Potassium from the brinjals also helps give nutrition to the brains.
To make a tasty brinjal dish:a) Cut the brinjal into small pieces.b) Fry the cut brinjalsc) Add masala powder and brown sugar and cook the vegetable until the gravy becomes dry.
Besides helping obese individuals to lose weight, brinjals also helps cure measles.
We have 72,000 nerves and for each nerve to function effectively, we need to consume food which is bitter in taste. This is because the properties in bitter food aids in strengthening the nerves.
Bitter gourd and its leaves have many medicinal values. To kill stomach worms and help clean your stomach, consume 1 tablespoon of bitter gourd leave juice once a month.
Bitter gourd is effective in treating diabetic patients. Instead of cooking the vegetable, try to consume 2 tablespoon ofbitterGourd freshly squeezed bitter gourd juice once a week. If you are to practice this habit, nutrients from the bitterness will help strengthen the nerves and helps reduce the severity of diabetes. It also helps reduce sugar level in the body.
Peel the skin off and cut the root into small pieces. You can either make soup or stir fry the root. The root is available in supermarkets and is treated as a vegetable among the Chinese community to treat sickness and diseases.
Benefits of consuming the root:a) effective in melting kidney stonesb) good for cleaning kidney and liver and c) efficient in cleaning the bloodBurdock root
Diabetic patients are advised to consult their physician before consuming this root as the root is sweet. The root is very suitable to be eaten by gout and arthritis patients.Pregnant women are forbidden to eat this vegetable.
In short, those who are suffering from any disease except for diabetic patients are advised to eat once a week to obtain the medicinal values from the root.
Corn has many medicinal values. Some babies will not have any teeth even after sweet-corn-clean15jpg-lgthey are 1 to 1 � years old. To cure this problem, boil the kernels of young corn or blend the kernels and feed your baby continuously for 2 – 3 days. You will see amazing results! Teeth will start to form out  and starts growing.
Corn kernels are fibrous and helps ease bowel motion. If your pituitary glands are not functioning properly, consume corn kernels once a week. Glands will start to function properly and you will mot feel tired anymore.
There are different varieties of lime. All types of lime are rich in vitamin C.
Lime juice is effective in curing morning sickness among pregnant women.Morning sickness among pregnant women happens when pitta predominates in the body. To normalize the level, lime juice is normally consumed.768lemon
Lemons are good to be made pickles. Cut lemon into small pieces and marinate with salt. Do not use vinegar to marinate lemon pieces as vinegar is very acidic and will damage the stomach and intestines if consumed regularly
Marinating lemon pieces with salt is a healthy way of preparing pickles The pickle can be a bit bitter but is very tasty if eaten with rice and other vegetable dishes. Above all pickle plays an important role in increasing ones digestive power.
Elephant Yam is good in treating piles patients. Patients who are suffering from asthma, sinus, cold or running nose are  strictly forbidden to eat elephant yam. This is because elephant yam is a cooling food and it will aggravate the condition even more.
This vegetable is only suitable for heaty bodies and hypertension patients.
To consume the yam, first boil the vegetable with its skin intact in salted water.Peel of the skin and eat the flesh. Instead of consuming high GI food for breakfast, i.e nasi lemak and fried noodles, try having elephant yam for breakfast.
Mash the boiled yam and mix with grated coconut and sugar. Shape into round balls and serve. This type of food is not only nutritious but also is very filling as yam has carbohydrate in it.
Nona trees grow in tropical countries. Nona leaves and fruit have many medicinal values and is used widely by Australian  aborigines from years of yore.
Grind or pound Nona leaves and apply on small or big wounds. The leaves have the properties to heal and dry the wounds.
Grind or pound unripe nona fruit with salt. This paste is effective in
a) healing broken bones. b) healing big boils or wounds which has inflamed into pus. The paste removes the pain and dirty blood.
Ripe nona fruit is very smelly. If you can’t stand the smell, take semi ripe nona fruits, cut into four and boil in water. Consume the boiled fruit. By consuming the fruit, blood flow will increase and helps clear any blocks in the blood vessel.
Potatoes have high content of starch and are grown extensively in China. It is used widely in cooking and we should try  to avoid eating potatoes as much as possible.Fresh_Potatoes
Most of us normally boil or cook potatoes with its skin removed. This cooking method is wrong and we must boil or cook potatoes with its skin intact. This is because when you peel of the skin after cooking, you will notice a yellow layer on the outer flesh. This yellow layer is said to have protein in it. Many of us are unaware of this and tend to peel and throw the skins away when cleaning the potatoes and end up consuming the starch only.
Eating a potato is equivalent to eating a plate of rice. For westerners, potatoes are regarded as their staple food. However for Indians, potatoes are eaten together with their staple food, i.e. rice. By eating this way, you not only consume a high content of carbohydrate but also have a high tendency to gain weight.
Individuals who are fat or obese should forbid themselves from eating potatoes. Potato is not only starchy but also is a gassy food which makes one to bloat. Therefore try to avoid potatoes as much as possible.
Blood is very important for our body. Individuals who have less blood count will tend to put on weight. To prevent this  problem and to produce more blood, we normally opt to taking pills.

Instead of consuming pills, it is better to consume fresh food which can act as a medicine. This method is much safer and healthier. Beet Root is one type of vegetable that helps in blood production. It also helps to support proper spleen and liver function.beetrootbolthardy

You can consume beet root by cooking or by juicing it. Make sure when juicing beet root, only a small piece of the vegetable is used. Blend the fruit together with a small piece of carrot as it helps provide a sweet taste. Drink the juice daily.

You can even grate the root vegetable and serve it raw as a salad. Add chopped onions, chilies and a pinch of sugar for extra taste
Onions are used in various dishes for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. There are many different  varieties of onions, i.e. small onions, big red onions, white onions and yellow onions.All varieties of onions have the same nutritional and medicinal values. In India, poor families usually pour water in left over rice and eat it the next day. They usually eat raw onions with the old rice as the raw onions have the properties to kill insects and germs which can be formed or found in the old rice.If you have boils on your skin, take two onions, dry fry the onions, grind and add a little turmeric. Apply on the boils. The boils will ripe and fall off after 2 days. You do not need toonion-clean-FD-lg go for an operation to remove the boils. Onions will do the trick!Make sure you teach or train your children to eat raw onions as they will gain the full medicinal and nutritional values. Cut onions in small tiny pieces and add together with other raw vegetables i.e. cucumber, celery, salad leaves, tomatoes. Add fresh herbs like mint, coriander and asiatic pennyworth (vallarai) leaves into the vegetables. Mix all the ingredients together with thick yogurt and salt.Eating raw vegetables is the right way of eating as it will provide you the full nutritional value your body needs.

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