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internet.wateen.net Wimax login page and password change….

Wateen Wimax is very good service with having capability to move accross your city, when we enter then world of internet we view this page:

by entering username and password we will come to :

you can change password from left menu.

and now you are in the world of internet.

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  1. Great wateen !!!

    Wateen works like a charm. However they have bandwidth caps that could cost you a lot. Nothing could rival a decent DSL connection.

  2. leave it wateen sucks

  3. if you want to share wateen login with me that would save us 500 pkr approximately for 1 mb link. reply wateen.login at gmail.com

  4. i am a newcomer in wateen,i found it better.i am already a member of this chain as i hold alfalah visa card,and i use warid cell services.

  5. Abul Qasim Johari

    Sir, i m facing dificuoty to sign in in wteen, and 1236 and 111 365 111 is also not atending, plz give me help, i m waiting for help plz.

  6. sir i am facing prpblem that the login page isnt open when i write this site http://www.wateen.net
    plz help me as soon as possible. because i can’t log out my net.

  7. URL of login page is internet.wateen.net, try this.

  8. Hi admin
    Im facing the problem of login, logout pages since wimax is instaled. When i switch the comp on internet is usually on n i cant find the logout page instead of opening the URL internet.wateen.net and
    Please help me out im fedup now.

  9. i m tired of ur services bcoz u didn’t allow us to use cam and now we r having problem of login pages and logout pages.how can we be a good member of wateen .u r not providing us suitable usages .

  10. Im facing the problem of login, logout pages since wimax is instaled. When i switch the comp on internet is usually on n i cant find the logout page instead of opening the http://www.internet.wateen.net. plzzzzzzzz help me.thnx

  11. Login working fine, but service is horrible, they claims 512mb download speed, but when called their support says its shared 🙁 , I think 512mb shared with 512 users, it should be great ratio 🙂 , their actual downloading speed is 1.2mb , even you tube do not work with 512mb package, its better to sell peanuts.

  12. whats the charges of 1 mb link of wateen ??

  13. MUhmmad Haseeb Malik

    yar ya wateen waly intahy gatiya banday han ya khty kuch han or hota kuch hy last weeks in ka jo add aa rha tha k 1mb for 699 wo sub bakwas tha oolu k pathy jb pta kia to wo un k sary rate mila kr approx 1500rs tha ya koi krny wali bat hai ap kuhd socho mujhy zaroor btana ok my no is 03146208741

  14. wateen is rubbish.really it doesnot have a good speed or network.i was better off with worldcall.seriously


  16. hello
    admin plz tell me my device pass are not working
    main apna pass kis terha change kar sakhta houn par

  17. I absolutely agree with all of you. Wateen is giving us a hard time also. I am also having problems with login and logout pages. I have to call hundreds of time to Wateen to correct any problem. Despite paying 1300 every month we are not getting quality service. Its a mere headache.

  18. how can i recharge my wateen acount if i lost my pasword and acount is xpired… plz help
    i hv my cards wid me

  19. wt TH SHIT SERVICE provider wateen…… wateen shud be sham ov their service…. SHAME ov u wateen

  20. i hate wateen .. its create problem wen i use to recharge mt account .. there z a huge proccess to recharge my card .. wateen suckz .. is it matters to logout before shutdown the pc ..
    m facing severe problm with wateen .. recharging is really a diddicult proceess

  21. I am a Sales Executive from WATEEN.
    If anyone wants a WATEEN connection please do call me on this number..
    0303 4285967
    free delivery any where in lahore

  22. guy Wateen sucks, they are kinda fraud. my usage shows almost 3GB, but they are saying that its finished, but its not updated in ur side. this sucks….
    their damn representative swears by Allah in customer support, that he is right and i am wrong. that is bullshit

  23. plz call this no. 0332-4380139 to any problem

  24. Asalm-o-alaikum!!!!!!!

    sir i am living in lhr want internet connection at my home…but still confuse which one connection should be better…since i heard about wateen from my friend thats its cheap but when i saw comments i am fedup now….so plz advise me all guys which ones will bw better for me …wateen dsl or settlite…


  25. Asalam-o-alaikum!!!!!!

    Adnan sab how r u????boy i got wateen wifi net like few days ago……its realy shit!!!!!now i am confuse what to do?becouse i gave u call time and again but still my net problem isnt fix???whats going on with company..y they are making fun of their costly product while it dint work….
    let me know what to adnan sab????

    i will bw waiting for ur call
    US-Embassy isd

  26. pls all people change the wateen. and use dsl ptcl.its amaizing .

  27. ausum hai yar wateen !
    i just loved it
    nd jinhain use nhn krna ata un ko ma kuch nh kehta!

  28. I am facing problem with account I still have an account and it did not opening the web browser HELP!

  29. I was using my wateen account on many devices since 18.02.2010 but from 20th june my account is running on a single device. Whats the matter… why my account is not running on other devices… Anybody have answer please reply me…

  30. hi

  31. wateen net is the best network because it provide customer package

  32. rehan rehan walton road

    the net work quality of wateen is the supreme quality that no one compare this quality.if you use wateen net then put all problem to wateen and enjoy your self.i am also a wateen customer and if you want to become wateen customer please donot waste time.iam enjoying this package you also enjoy

  33. i am a user of wateen and i am facing a horrible problem like others too.everytime i switch on my comp i cant find my my log in log out homepage.what a horrible problem is this.plssssssss improve your services

  34. wateen company plsssssssss improve your servises.i cant find my log in,log out homepage wasting my money

  35. Ajeeb log hai 17 ko new connection lagwaya tha main ne ,29 ko bnd ker diya kehtay hain Account is finished,I called Wateen Franchise ,They Said Report forward ker di hai ,MAC no aur username ETC is required,Khair aaj Again they Recovered my Account after 2 days,But Wateen Login and logout Page is not opening ,It says Syntax error or page could not found ETC,What The hell is this?

  36. wateen is not doing gud …….totaly disturbing…..its a bad service i hv no gud comments for that

  37. I am continously facing a problem in my log in and log out page as it dont open by any mean. nd now other pages of wateen services are also not opening. kindly suggest me what should i do to get my log in page to sign in and sign out properly , and how i can chek my account information.

  38. internet.wateen.net —– link not working
    and how will i refill my account when it says invalid username and/or password even though i enter the correct username&password at the login page (prepaid.wateen.net) =(

  39. bhrwwwwwwww.. me filza

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh….. >_< i can't open the login page!!! internet.wateen.net --- link not working it says 'invalid username and/or password' whenever i try to log in at prepaid.wateen.net, although i enter the correct username and password... HOW AM I EVEN GONNA REFILL MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!

  40. wateen service is fuckin crap

  41. hi,i am facing a problem that i am not able to check my internet usage from wateen.com/selfcare .so please solve my this problem i am very thankful to u ..ur site was not opening in last few dAYS as well as u r not recieving phone calls on wateen helpline..

  42. WEll these two W’s are bloody lethel Wapda and now wateen. what the fuck is going on with my wateen connection… i refilled 1600 on friday and since than my device is looking for signals. what the hell. and you guys aint responding on the UAN as well.
    Go to hell

  43. my login page is not opening by http://www.inernet.wateen.net

  44. Hi i am Naeem jan.I am using wateen 1 mb package since Feb 2010. Its really amazing yar. Once you use it then you will forget about dsls.
    i love wateen……….

    its all about you………..

  45. wateen is very poor from begining its speed is less than 500 kbs but my wateen speed is 1mb. poor thing

  46. hi
    iam also havng da sm prblm as all
    i cnt login my hmpage
    plz help m

  47. Hello, all
    i just want to warn you all, dat plz dont buy any thing from this guy, adnan, who is giving his number above in comments, he is just a fraud, a lier,
    there is no , 15 days money back guarantee from wateen, this guy claims every where that wateen will return all the initial amount which was 3100 in my case,
    there were no good signals, but thus guy said me, that u check this for 15 days, at any time, u want to return the device, u will get full amount back,
    but when the 2nd day, when i wished to returned device, that guy just kept me telling stories, dat m coming in 1 day,today, tomorrow,in 2 mins, etc,but never came
    and when disappointly i went to wateen frunchise, i came to knw dat wateen has no such policy,
    once the account is activated,there is no money back thing,
    and this guy just told lie to me, just to make his sales commission,
    and i returned device now, with half price, and with 10 days tension juzt because of this guys cheat,
    stay warned,
    His name is adnan mirza
    and his number is 0303-4285967

  48. Hi guys.
    Although wateen has kinda problems but i can’t ignore the best part of wateen either.
    1st best thing is stability in connectivity and you are not gonna find one like this.
    Static ip, it may cuase of preventing continuesly downloading from rapidshare links but it has some benifits though and some people know about it.
    easy account recharge i hv never faced any issue regarding my recharge.just purchase a voucher from a back street pco type shop and open the account page http://www.wateen.com/selfcare and enter the card number and you are in!
    Awesom downloading upto 125 KB/sec and sometimes it arrives upto 200KB.
    and i am not taking my eye off your complains.
    wateen give some trouble aswell but it is definetly depended on your area..
    if you are looking for advanced quality and a superior connection then you should go for “Evo” but it is more expensive than wateen.

  49. [email protected]

    I am trying to recharge my wateen account with prepaid card. Just cannot do it. Please help.

  50. i just buy a wateen wifi device and trying to use net On my wifi mobile is askingg for password and also im trying to get password from helpine but all helpine is not working mean i call on dis number 111-365-111 from My mobile and got offline answer your number is not correct can anyone tell me how i can get password Of My device ????help me please

  51. i open my bolt USB internet account yesterday.but it’s not working what’s a problem

  52. Dear Sir/Madaim
    How can i check the remaining status of my bolt.
    how many GB,s are remaining.

  53. i want the inoformation about wateen coverage in mehfooz pura cant. kindly help me k mehfooz pura me wateen ki service ha



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