Benefits and properties of Almonds

Benefits and properties of Almonds


benefits of almond

Ingredients almond

From the total weight of the almond seed it takes from 27 to 58%. The shell protects the seed from the damaging effects of oxygen and light. Peeled nuts gradually become less and less a source of vitamins and other nutrients. The nuclei almond contains from 40% to 70% of fatty oil, about 30% of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins with prevalence of vitamin E, calcium, colorants lycopene, carotene and carotenoids, approximately 0.8% essential oil which defines odor. Fatty oil containing 80% of glycerides of oleic acid and 15% linoleic acid, protein, vitamins, enzyme emulsion.

The almond oil a high content of substances that are similar to collagen and elastin – the muscle fibers of the skin.

The benefits of almonds

The high content of almonds calcium and vitamin E makes it very useful for visual impairment, anemia, insomnia, cramps, stomach ulcer and increased acidity of gastric juice. In these cases, almonds take two or three times a day for 10-15 pieces per a month.

When stunted growth in children almonds should be given to them in powdered form.

Almonds reduce the risk of sudden heart attack, with enough to eat them at least twice a week.

Almonds reduce the risk of dementia. This is again due to vitamin E contained in almonds in easily digestible form of the body, protecting the blood vessels and prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Almond oil

Almond oil is used for medicinal purposes in case of pneumonia, cough, asthma and otitis as an expectorant, anti-inflammatory and sedative.

Almond oil is also used for the purpose of health care in diseases of the heart, kidney and vision. When tachycardia, stomatitis and for the regulation of bowel 6 drops of almond oil dripping on a sugar cube and eat.

It is also the best means of strengthening the hair and stimulating its growth, which gives hair its elasticity, flexibility and shine.

It is used for massage – it is non-irritating and does not cause allergic reactions.

Almond oil is good for the skin, it eliminates irritation, gives the skin freshness and elasticity, moisturizes the skin of the body.

From the oils used in cosmetics, almond oil, one of the most commonly used oils. It is quickly absorbed, smoothing and softening the skin at the same time, activating the cell regeneration process and providing nourishing and cleansing effect. It recommended for dry, aging, sensitive and chapped skin.

In aromatherapy almond oil is ideal as a basis, as it does not interfere with the skin to breathe freely, while providing excellent depth penetration of essential oils.


Almonds among all other types of nuts have the most beneficial properties for health.

Almond kernels have analgesic, anticonvulsant, enveloping and emollient action.

And pronounced anti-oxidant properties of almonds .

The rind of these nuts, brown, ten times richer in antioxidants than the nuclei themselves.

Antioxidants reduce the harmful effects of free radicals on the organism, which are formed by oxidative processes in the cells and can damage cellular DNA. And this is the increased risk of malignancies. To prevent this, and antioxidants are required.

Nuts should be eaten on a regular basis for the fight against cancer, but only in moderation – in fact they are very high in calories. It is advisable to eat them raw as roasted nuts when heated lose much of its medicinal properties. Do not eat peanuts.

Healing properties of almonds effective

  • improves sleep and has a calming effect;
  • due to the high content of phosphorus, almonds useful knowledge workers;
  • It promotes the removal of kidney stones;
  • It enhances the production of sperm in men.

Contraindications to the use of almonds

It is not recommended to use almonds with overexcitation, increased heart rate, allergic dermatitis.

Abandon nuts in general (not only from almonds) follows:

  • when allergic reactions to them;
  • obesity;
  • little children do not need to give nuts – they can easily get into the respiratory tract;
  • any damaged nuts should be immediately vykidat – it becomes poisonous;
  • unripe almonds can not be eaten, because it contains cyanide and can easily cause serious poisoning.

Almonds and Weight Loss

Almonds are high in calories, it is rich in fatty acids. But, despite this, it contributes to weight loss, because part of the fat from the body appears before reaching the stage of digestion and absorption.

The optimal daily dose of almond nuts – 30 grams. It is about 23-25 ​​nucleoli almonds without salt and preferably not fried.

This amount contributes to weight loss, reduces the amount of lipids and normalize cholesterol levels.


Traditional medicine has long applied milled seeds of sweet almonds with anemia, asthma, insomnia, cough, cramps, numbness of hands or feet, headache.

Scientific medicine uses derived from almond seeds almond emulsion as a shroud, an anesthetic and a mild laxative in various gastrointestinal diseases.

Almond oil camphor dissolved after subcutaneous injection. On it is prepared and various ointments.

Almonds – a valuable product, not only medical, but also cosmetics and food industry.

The almond shell is used to touch-up the production of wine and brandy.

Almond Kernels are used in the preparation of confectionery products of high taste quality.

The resulting cold-pressed seed oil, almond oil retains all the properties of almonds, its efficiency and active natural ingredients that do not contain any chemical additives. It can be recommended as an effective, environmentally friendly, natural remedy for skin care.

Almond oil is designed for efficient care for face and body with a view to its nutrition, hydration, cleaning, softening.

Almond oil contraindications and does not possible to use for all skin types.

The use of hair, almond oil nourishes the roots, stimulating the growth of hair in a natural way. An hour before shampooing, simply rub into the roots of the hair, almond oil.

Oily traces deposited almond oil leaves. They can clean the skin, causing a few drops of oil on a cotton swab dipped in warm water and depressed.

Likewise, almond oil can be removed with a mascara lashes that will at the same time strengthen and nourish them.

You can use almond oil instead of soap, causing ten minutes on your face a mixture of powdered egg yolk, one teaspoon of water and 15 drops of almond oil. This almond cleansing mask should be washed off after ten minutes with water at room temperature.

for dry and sensitive skin

Grind 1 tablespoon almonds, mix the mass to form a slurry with cream. Put it on for half an hour on the face, neck and décolleté. Rinse with cool water.

Oily Skin Care

Make a scrub of 5 crushed almond nuts, to which we add 1 tablespoon chopped in a coffee grinder oatmeal, beaten egg white and mix. Apply to clean and steaming the face, neck and décolleté, the massage lines. Keeping two minutes and wash off with warm water.

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