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An elegant winter

Bright juicy and distinctive colors, ice shades and deep back and white. All colors intensive and contrastive. These are colors typical for winter types. Winter man and woman are contrastive and such should be colors for them.

“The winter” is a cold type, just like “the summer and winter-summer type”. Colorist analysis for “the winter” is extremely difficult. A woman winter might sometimes be wrongly described as an autumn type or a spring autumn . Such mistakes often a result from the fact that she might have an intensive complexion which is similar to one of the autumn types.

Winter men and women should go for cold, distinctive and luminous colors. A winter palette should include bright and clear colors that will emphasize the style and beauty of ‘the winter’ woman. All dimmed and faint colors (like for the summer type) would make her look gloomy and dull. It `s best to accentuate this type with gray and silver or black and navy blue. Any steel, silver and white shades would be most appropriate for this type.

The winter type should avoid warm colors such as brown, orange, gold , russet gold or warm green. The winter woman should preserve the purity of her style. Any patterns such as checks and flowers would be inappropriate for her. Striped costumes and geometrical figures, optimally black and white, would be the most suitable. The winter’s attractiveness can also be enhanced with one-colored contrastive clothes e.g. yellow with deep black. Also shiny , glitzy and plastic accessories would be appropriate for this type. Anything flashy and extravagant would be right, provided, its color belongs to the winter palette.

As I mentioned before the winter is often confused with a warm autumn. This is due to many similarities in the complexion of these two types. One of the winter types is “Snow-white”. This type has got fair, almost transparent complexion. The skin looks enormously delicate and rarely blushes. Another variation is so called. “Southern type” also called “Mexican”. Persons of this complexion have got cold olive shade, that’s why they are often confused with a deep autumn.We will be able to recognize and define this type as it is easily tanned and it has deep olive shade of skin then.

All winter types have dark eye brows and lashes. A winter woman has got deep, red mouth and brown and gray freckles (if any) . Winter types have got ice blue, turquoise, blue, brown and black eyes.

The most frequent hair colors are such cold shades as: blue and black, silver gray, dark brown, white, red and blue, black and red or just black. Ginger should be avoided as it looks too ordinary on the winter type.

Make-up should enhance its sharpness and distinctness. The foundation should be light semi- liquid. The most appropriate shades would be: light pink and beige, and olive beige.

The best eye shadows would include steel, violet, turquoise and emerald green. Brown should be avoided. As far as lipstick is concerned: deep red, raspberry and violet would be appropriate.

We use colorist analysis to achieve an ideal looks. It is especially important for the winter type as it releases its strong personality. Winter is the most distinctive color type so its appearance and attractiveness should be enhanced in a proper way.

In business and workplace relations winter types are always the most remarkable. They might seem as a difficult and demanding negotiator that’s why colors, clothes and accessories are so significant.

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