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Ali Gul Pir New Song Waderai Ka Beta

Ali Gul Pir Pakistani new emerging talent, have written a few funny lyrics about the jagirdar system in sindh specially on Wadera’s. However, what is commendable is that he has managed to frame it in such a way that it has correspond with people all over. Gul Pir’s song is a careful study of feudal lords, who can free to act in the very manner that he jokes about. The reason why this song is so funny is because it is so very true. Few fuuny lines from this song

Da taali teri hui h kali
“Meri nursery se metric tak sab degrian hain jali.”
“baba chatay hain k nain banoo minister”
“magar main chaaooon shirmila ki choti sister”
“Chora saeen to saeen saeen ka kuta bi saeen”

“saeen to saeen, saeen k kapary b saeen”
“saeen to saeen, saeen ki gari b saeen”
“saeen to saeen, saeen ki cigratte b saeen”
“saeen to saeen, saeen k dost b saeen”
“saeen to saeen, saeen k vital saeen b saeen”
“saeen to saeen, saeen ki bachi b saeen”


The look he has given himself and the video catches the whole essence perfectly. His hair slicked back, his bold body language, his moustache, his luxuries, his arrogance – everything about the video is authentic yet fresh. The black suit, aviators and Ajrak just put the ribbon on it.This makes him a real wadera, so he can exibt it nicely.

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