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5th class result Pakistan by www.pec.edu.pk

126 Responses

  1. M. BILAL says:

    Please send me the 5th class result.
    my roll No#39-345-145

  2. admin says:

    Dear, you need to download your city result and find it there. why anyone will find result for you 🙂 ?

  3. ateeq says:

    i m unable to find the result of Rawalpindi board pl check why the site is not found

  4. ateeq says:

    sorry that was an incorrect mail id

  5. Sir pleas send me result fo 5th class
    roll no 17-158-326 of faisalabad school name is dps(disent public school)

  6. admin says:

    no one will find your result MR. Zishan, you need to download your area PDF file and open to find your Roll #.


  7. parvez alahi says:

    pleaase send me result of dist layyah Roll No 27-86 -293

  8. 5th k result wala page repair kar dain tank u

  9. Bakhtawaw Mirza Shah Sheikh Waraich Khan says:

    Bhai yeh apnimarzi (Great site),Yar koi songs wagaira bhi hain yahan par

  10. Faryal Liaqat says:

    pls send me result of class 5th. my rollno is 21245194

  11. Faryal Liaqat says:

    give me the result of class five. My roll no is 21245194

  12. admin says:

    Faryal, you need to check it in file of your city. we are not able to find result in this way 🙂

    Admin http://www.apnimarzi.com

  13. Javad says:

    please mujhi ye batadey ki 5th and 8th ka result kab ayega acha mujhi emil per inform kardey na
    javad roll no. 151-23_247

  14. Muhammad Abid says:

    salam sir
    please let me download 5th and 8th class result please sir don’t block it

  15. faysal says:

    ya page apne marze sy he open ho ga .

  16. Sadia Naseer says:

    send me please, 5th class result(Attock) Roll No:11-182-122.

  17. ASIF ALI says:


    please let me the result of 5th class city of layyah pls


    ASIF ALI ROOL # 28-354-297

  18. Imran says:

    5th-class-result of roll number 360-140 please email me as soon as possible.
    Imran ali

  19. sajad says:

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  20. m tahseen says:

    salam sir
    please let me download 5th and 8th class result please sir don’t block it

  21. akmal says:

    plz let me download the 5th class result don’t block it

  22. naveed says:

    5th ore 8th ka result subjectwise kub aaey ga

  23. Kashan says:

    Dear Sir
    Please tell me the result of 5th Class Lahore Board
    Roll# 27-491-296

  24. ahmad saeed says:

    dear sir
    please tell me the result of class 5th Lahore board

  25. talha rana says:

    lahore roll no 27-969-193 5th
    muhammad talha rana
    muhammad amin
    new kashmir high school for boys

  26. tayba nor says:

    8th class result roll no 9028467 rawalpindi board

  27. hassan says:

    pl.send 5 class result in lahore board

  28. hassan says:

    pl.send 5 class result roll no. 33171196 in lahore board

  29. Nadeem Hussain says:

    plz send me 8th class relust faislabad board My roll no 73-186-196

  30. Saeed Ahmad says:

    when will come result of 5th and 8th class?

  31. Asad says:

    plz send me result 5th class 2011
    roll number 27-345-328

  32. Kishwar sabah mumtaz says:

    5th class 2011 roll no 42-386-147 Sargodha board

  33. MUHAMAD KHALIL says:

    Please send my result of 5th class. My Roll No. 20-305-251

  34. aqsa jabar says:

    plz let me the result 5th class city of multan plz roll no 32_203_186 plz sir thks i am w8ng

  35. sadia says:

    sir i am not going to find my result of class 5th federal board please help me..roll no is 3304

  36. SHOAIB ALI says:

    please send me the result of 5th class lahore board roll no#30-193-283

  37. saad says:

    sir sen me my result plzzzz…

    roll num iz

  38. saad-ul-hassan says:

    sir plz snd me ma result ov 5th class
    itz ma roll rumm

  39. Muhammad Ali Wattu says:

    sir, please send me the 5th class results as soon as possible.

  40. shumaila says:

    my roll no is 16-105-287 kindly send my result

  41. hibbah ashraf says:

    tell me my result plz .punjab board roll num 19_399_202

  42. hibbah ashraf says:

    tell me my result of 5th class plz punjab board roll num 19_399_202

  43. Tayyiba Tariq says:

    sir plz 5th ka result snd karen itz roll num

  44. laiba noor says:

    please tell me result

  45. laiba noor says:

    plz tell me result my roll no is 18_336_239

  46. seher says:

    kindly my result rollno 87-114-179

  47. My 5th class result may be intimated
    from faisalabad.
    Roll No.18-382-232

  48. MUBASHAR says:

    I need my 5th pec result. Kindly intimate.

    Roll. No.18-382-231

  49. romail afzal says:

    please tell my result roll no is 43-212-101 of 5th class lahore board

  50. Adnan Athar says:

    sir jee!
    plz send the 5th & 8th result on PEC website.

  51. muhammad sharif sajid says:

    dear sir, please send me result of class5th of kasur district

  52. azam akram says:

    tell me plz result of dis name n roll no.azam akram.roll.no is18649312

  53. azam says:

    send me result for muhammad azam roll no 18649312

  54. danial says:

    please send me result roll no 18-477-213

  55. IQRA ZIA says:

    plz snd me the result of 5th class plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    27-633-155 plz im w8nggggggggggggggg snd me result soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i shall be vry thnkful 2 uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  56. farhan says:

    yr plz wo side he send kr do jes ma 5 class ka result ajay ….!!! plz

  57. komail says:

    board ka result kab pata chaly ga

  58. raza says:

    please sent me my result my roll no is 27-807-220 lahore

  59. sadia qasim says:

    my roll number iz 28-102-124 plz send my 5th class result as soon as possible

  60. abdul says:


  61. abdul says:

    padd ji result nahi a raha

  62. khaliq says:

    dear can you please tell us the date of anouncment, of the result of 5th and 8th class.
    earlier it was decleared that it will be anounce on 31 march but there is nothing, how can we check our result please write me back

  63. Tayyaba Malik says:

    please send me result of 5th class. Roll no. is 16-102-193

  64. zaib says:

    please allow me to download results of 8th and 5th class

  65. Nadeem Seher says:

    please punjab board ka 5th result ki kia webside hai.

  66. zaib says:

    sir send me my result plz my rool no iz 15163174

  67. rt malik says:

    plzz send me d result ov 5th class……
    roll no. ix 20238213(laiba anjum)
    roll no. 20238226(faryal waseem)

  68. HAni says:

    sir Plz snd me result of 5th class faisalabad result. roll number 68399195 mane maham sadiq plz

  69. wish... says:

    plzzz snd me the 5th class result page sialkot??plzzz

  70. NAZISH WAHEED says:


  71. sardar ali says:

    I want result of class 5.
    Student name is Iqra shehzad.
    district rawalpindi and roll num is 46-248-341

  72. mursaleen says:

    sir 5 class result send me..sargodha bord.roll no.(1)26184161.mianwali bord.roll no.(1)31201210.(2)31201208.bhakkar bord(1)14181159.plese sir send me

  73. uzma saleem says:

    pleas send me result i am waiting

  74. sanorita says:

    plz snd me my no of 5th class roll no is 20154432

  75. danish saleem says:

    plz send me result

  76. vishal yousaf says:

    sir plz mujhe ye result moulom karna hai roll no. 174-27-827

  77. SHEIKH UMAR says:

    when the result come of 5th class ??

  78. masoom sitara says:

    plz tell me the 5th class result grw
    itz my rool no

  79. plz send the result of this rol no.27491252

  80. amreena zameer says:

    ples send my result ov 5th class my rool no 17-104-172

  81. ch zabir says:

    A.O.A DEAR tell me result of 5th class roll no is 40227241.

  82. [email protected] says:

    my name is mansoor i blong to nehang witch is stuated in sargodha

  83. [email protected] says:

    go to apnimarzi.com and write your comment

  84. [email protected] says:

    I Have passed my metric examination in first position

    total 1050 Marks 674 Result%age 67 Grade B the result date 04-08-2011
    Date modified

  85. [email protected] says:

    I am happy and un happy

    I am happy Beacuse the eid is on next day (30-08-2011)

    Iam un happy because the the month of ramzan is gone

  86. haseeb amir says:


  87. Adnan saddique says:

    please send me result of 5th class held on march 2009 my roll no 7-69-233

  88. Saima says:

    sir plz tell me my sister result plz bta do mehr bani ho ge .plz plz 37-190-140 .plz sir jaldi bta degey ga plz i request u .

  89. muti ur rehman says:

    plz send me 5th and 8th class result

  90. uzair says:

    mujhe mera result batao warnah

  91. uzair says:

    my roll no. is 27-629-285

  92. RUMAN TANVEER says:


  93. umar farooq says:

    plz tell me my result my name is umar farooq my rool no 36-285-214 my school name clair mumahaand disttrict okara.

  94. Ali says:

    plz give me result of these r/n…

  95. tanveer iqbal says:

    name kiran amjid
    roll no: 44-137-138
    gwa board

  96. march 2012 31 at 41:89 am 😀

  97. wasif feroz says:

    plz send me 5th and 8th class resualt of D. G. Khan region .

  98. sir,plz tell me my result of 5th class my roll no.is 17-151-141 board:dera ghazi khan
    plz tell me soon i shall be very thankful to you.

  99. sir plz tell me my 5th class result.my roll no. is:17-151-141 and my district is dera ghazi khan

  100. UMAID says:

    plz mjy jaldiii mra result btaye

  101. UMAID says:

    my roll num is 27-375-311

  102. summera bibi says:


  103. luqman says:

    tell me about my result ………..roll nmbr “40-386-388”

  104. Waqas says:


  105. mohsin ali says:


  106. mohsin ali says:

    send result please

  107. saba says:

    plz send me result of 5th class 20121 my roll no is 20155150

  108. K.A.Manzoor says:

    Dear Sir
    Please send me the result of 5th and 8th class held on March
    2012. THANKS

  109. Waqas says:

    Yaar kis Tara cheek keya jata ha

  110. Muhammad Hassan Raza says:

    Roll No. 11208245 class V result

  111. farhana says:

    plz result ki web site bta do .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  112. ramzan says:

    ramzan lahore

  113. M.z says:

    Please send me pdf of Chakwal board 5th class 2009 result

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