12 stars who have had children after 40 years

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson.jpgAt age 51, Elle Macpherson plans to have a child. The Australian model, also actress and businesswoman, and her husband Jeffrey Soffe, were keen to have a child together. According to Woman’s Day , they found the “perfect surrogate mother” to help them complete their project. Click to discover other stars who have had children after 40 years.


The actress was 40 years old when she gave birth to her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault. His father is the French billionaire Fran├žois-Henri Pinault


Halle Berry had his second child, a boy named Maceo, at 47 years old. “I admit that this is the biggest surprise of my life! “She confessed to CNN. Berry was 41 years old when she gave birth to her first child, her daughter Nahla, whom she had with Gabriel Aubry. The father of his son is his current spouse, Olivier Martinez.


The actress and her husband Bart Freundlich welcomed their second child, Liv, when she was 41 years old.They also have a son, Caleb.


Mira Sorvino and her husband Chris Backus have four children. The two older ones are Johnny Christopher King and Mattea Angel. Sorvino gave birth to his son Holden at 41 and his daughter Lucia to 44 years.


The star of Desperate Housewives and her husband Tom Mahoney hosted binoculars, Eden (photo) and Savannah, just before the actress celebrates her 45th birthday.


While she was a couple with Guy Ritchie, Material Girl gave birth to her son Rocco (pictured) a few days before her 42nd birthday. Her daughter Lourdes, whom she had with Carlos Leon, was born when she was 38 years old. She adopted two other children at 49 and 50, her son David and daughter Mercy.


At 44, Gwen Stefani welcomed Apollo into his boys’ tribe. Her husband Gavin Rossdale and she were already happy parents of Kingston (left) and Zuma (right), whom she had in her thirties.

John Travolta’s wife, actress Kelly Preston, gave birth to a boy, Ben, at the age of 48. “I did not consider the risks,” she told USA Today . This was the third child of the couple, after Ella and Jett, their boy tragically deceased in 2009.



At 46, she gave birth to her daughter Alizeh. Two years later, the actress and her husband Reza Jarrahy decided to put it off and at 48, she gave birth to twins Kian and Kaiis.



When Amanda Peet had her third child at the age of 42, her spouse David Benioff and she were already parents of two daughters, Frances and Molly.


She was 42 years old when she announced on her site, The Zoe Report, that her husband Rodger Berman and she were expecting their second child.

















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