10 sentences that are often said when there is no memory

Where did I put my keys”, “One day I will forget my head”, “You know the actor who played in this movie there …” Not easy to live with a small memory. Here are 10 sentences that should still remember very good memories to those who never have a memory.

Is it always you waiting in the car because you forgot your keys? You are often late because you no longer know where you put your portfolio? Medisite offers a small compilation of sentences that should speak to all distracted people and who could forget their heads:

“Where did I put my keys

In general, people who have little memory spend their time looking for their keys in their bags.

“I know this actor his name is …. How already?”

Who has not already been challenged by the face of an actor by being persuaded to have already seen him but without being able to remember his name? Fortunately there is Internet for that … Provided to remember in which other movies it has played and that it is not gained.

“I told you already told this story right?”

Short term memory not long term but yes. Those who have a small memory often tell the same anecdote to their friends.

“What I had come here?”

The scissors ? No … The phone … still not … “I know I came looking for something in this room but what?” An unfortunate adventure often experienced by people with little memory.

– “I do not know what you wanted”

Yet at the base it was an exciting story but nothing to do. In general, the hot topic of discussion comes back as soon as we hear the word that made us think of it.

– “I will put an alarm on my phone”

The laptop of people with a small memory is full of reminders with the birthdays of cousin Marjorie, Granny Jacqueline or even the visit of the veterinarian for the chat.

– “I have it on the tip of the tongue”

But if you remember the title of this song that spent all the time at New Year’s parties? Ah bah no …

– “Honey we can turn around I forgot my keys”

This is a misadventure that puts on the nerves and happens very often when it is the only time of the year when everyone leaves on time to be at work.

– “One day I will forget my head”

… Or the keys simply what is likely to cost expensive locksmith.

– “Who agreed to do that?

An embarrassing situation where you hurry to complain to the person when it is ourselves who are responsible. Oops!

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