Timeline & Old Names Of Lahore, Pakistan


Mahmood-pur   !!
Samandpal Nagiri

TimeLine of Lahore
1000 BC Foundation of Lahore by Prince Loh, Son of Rama Chandra
630 AD A Great Brahmanb City according to Hieun Tsang
800~900 AD Under Brahmanb rule
975 AD Subuktgin, father of Mahmood Ghaznavi of Ghazni invades Lahore and defeats Raja Jaipal
1021 AD Mahmood Ghaznavi Captures the City
1043 AD Hindu Rajas of Northern India besiege Lahore for seven
1039~1099 AD Golden Rule of Ghaznavids under Zahir-ud-Din Ibrahim
1157~1186 AD Capital of Ghaznavids under twelfth Ghaznavid Emperor
1186~1206 AD Shahab-ud-Din Ghauri conquers Lahore and brings it under the Ghorid Empire
1241~1310 AD The Mongols ransack Lahore several times
1398 AD Tamerlane plunders Lahore
1236~1526AD Lahore plays almost no role. The Khilji, Tughlaq, Syed and Lodhi dynasties succeed one another in Delhi till Babur captures it in 1524 and lays foundations of the Moghul Empire
1524 AD Babur captures Lahore
1554 AD Babar’s son Humayun returns in triumph after 14 years of exile
1606 AD Emperor Jehangir besieges Lahore
1622 AD Jehangir fixes his court in Lahore
1629 AD Shahjehan proclaimed emperor at Lahore
1629~1658AD Lahore enjoys peace and prosperity under Ali Mardan and Wazir Khan, Governors of Emperor Shahjehan
1659 AD Emperor Aurangzeb enters Lahore
1712 AD Aurangzeb’s death at Lahore
1739 AD Nadir Shah Durrani, the King of Persia captures Lahore
1748~1767 AD Nadir’s successor, Ahmad Shah Abdali invades Lahore eight times
1764~1794 AD Three Sikh Chiefs Lahna Singh, Sobha Singh and Gujjer Singh occupy Lahore
1799~1839 AD Lahore under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Sikh ruler of the Punjab
1839~1848 AD Successors of Ranjit Singh
1849AD Annexation of the Punjab by the British brings Lahore under their control
1857 AD East India Company transfers its powers to the British crown and Lahore becomes part of the British Empire
1857~1947AD British rule
1947 AD Creation of Pakistan