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Apple allows email client for the App Store, violates rules

According to the release, the program is the “the first wide email iPhone app that supports client SMTP.” That means, in essence, that it duplicates an exact function of Apple’s Mail application on the iPhone and touch. That’s kind of a huge deal, because up until this point we’ve been led to believe that this duplication of functionality is wrong. ...

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Google’s campus as seen from the “Google” satellite [PIC]

Google recently hitched a ride up to space with the GeoEye-1, the new imagery satellite built by the company GeoEye. Today, the company sent us a picture (above) that the new satellite snapped of the Google’s Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. read more | digg story

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How to Make the Best Torrents

Making a torrent properly is one of the most overlooked aspects in torrenting. Most users of bittorrent only create the .torrent files occasionally, if at all, and others make bad choices and mistakes, which can antagonise people, or make torrents slow to propagate, and lead to an early death. read more | digg story

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We Can Now Jailbreak the iPhone and iPod Touch 2.2 Firmware

The iPhone Dev Team has now officially released the jailbreak for the 2.2 iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware. They have released updates to both The Pwnage Tool AND QuickPwn(so it ’s available for both windows and macs. Check which one you want below(Pwnage Tool is for Macs. . .QuickPwn is for both Windows and Macs) read more | digg story

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Transporter 3 Trailer. in Theaters November 26


Plot Summary: The first was co-directed by Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen, the second by Leterrier, and now the third “Transporter” movie is expected to be helmed by a totally new face — Olivier Megaton. Studio/Distributor 20th Century Fox Director Olivier Megaton Screenwriter(s) Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen Cast Jeroen Krabbé, Francois Berleand, Natalya Rudakova, Robert Knepper, Jeroen Krabbe, Alex ...

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Send Eid & New Year Gifts to your specials…


Chose & buy whatever you want in a good price and send it to your specials on Eid or for new year & don’t waste time before its too late Click any category and buy online. Jewelry Body Jewelry Bracelets Brooches & Pins Charms Children’s Jewelry Earrings Engagement Jewelry Sets Men’s Jewelry Necklaces & Pendants Religious Jewelry Rings Wedding & ...

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Year 2009 Calendar Design


Want to have very good design of year 2009 calendar for printing, contact us at if you want printed calendar please mention in email. Sample screenshots and files will be emailed to you & mode of payment will be Western Union.

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