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Live Video: New Facebook Live, being deployed on all accounts

Facebook has just announced the availability of its Live Facebook functionality, allowing to broadcast live video to all users. In parallel, the live videos are full of novelties: reactions and comments live, filters, invitations friends via push notifications … “We’re launching Facebook Live for Everyone” Mark Zuckerberg has announced the immediate deployment of Facebook Live for all users. Watch for ...

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Coffee, Hamlet and bearded women: unusual summit startups

The coffee machine, innovation laboratory Christophe Baillon, President of Maker Startup love taking ideas against the current. Most entrepreneurs out of Colleges after extension education? He got fired from his school for hacking, which does not stop to find a developer in the wake of job. Many leaders see a dim view of the coffee machine? For him it is ...

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‘Rich’ over shoot, SRK will do Know the Miss

‘rich’ over shoot, SRK will do Know ‘miss’ New Delhi. ‘Rich’ shooting is over. Has informed SRK tweeted. Gujarat began in February led to the shooting of the film in Mumbai, SRK now it is finished a. Shah Rukh wrote on Twitter, “Rais finished shooting. We will miss the laughter. ” Also thanks to my team, Khan is writing love. ...

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The astonishing declaration of love Gaspard Koenig

“I’m happy to see you first because I love you. I you like because you give again purchasing power to the individual, the power of choice, the power to exist, the power to integrate … “. Here is the beginning of advocacy Gaspard Koenig start-up on stage at the Palais Brongniart at the first start-up of the Summit organized by ...

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Randeep-Aishwarya ‘Sarabjit’s new poster to tell thousands of words

Randeep-Aishwarya ‘Sarabjit’s new poster to tell thousands of words Mumbai. The film “Sarabjit’s new poster has been released. ‘His’ and Randeep Hooda in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be seen in key roles. The posters of the film is much more evident. Pratyusha Banerjee’s death made the big reveal Rakhi Sawant makers ‘Sarabjit’ on the social networking site Twitter has launched ...

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Study Life Media In 2015 the ratio of the French media

Since 2005, Médiamétrie is an annual survey of our report to the monitors and the media. She is interested in French 13 years and more, and different materials used, location, mobility, activities … Here are some figures from the study that show in particular the importance of mobile in our practice: Each French on average 44 media contacts and media ...

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‘Multi-talented’ superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya married

news that superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya’s birthday, the book will be Lohnc. They are in the news these days about his book.

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The explosion of the UAV market is tomorrow

“The French market for civilian drones could represent € 650 million in 2025, we believe a prospective study published in early March by Oliver Wyman, “Dominique amounted Leglu, managing editor of Sciences et Avenir, in the introduction of an intervention by Christophe Baillon in the first summit of startups . Director of software company Sogilis, President of Maker Startup studio, ...

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Tiger Shroff is too early to say the action hero

Tiger Shroff action hero too early to say Mumbai, Smita Srivastava. Most budding artist began his career in the movies have been romantic. Tiger Shroff want to break the myth. If they are constantly pushing for action movies. His first film “Hiropnthi ‘he made several amazing action, now after a gap of two years, his second film’ rebel ‘will be ...

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How Facebook makes artificial intelligence

Today, cars will drive themselves, cell phones react to voice queries and software can beat a game of go champion. Artificial intelligence (AI) yet comeback. Very fashionable in the 80s, ringardisée by the Internet wave, his comeback is newer – the year 2010. A true fashion, even including Yann LeCun, director of research in artificial intelligence at Facebook, is despite ...

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