Pratyusha Banerjee, Rahul’s bail hearing today in

Pratyusha Banerjee, Rahul’s bail hearing today in

Mumbai. TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee accused Rahul Raj Singh committed suicide to avoid arrest on Wednesday filed the anticipatory bail plea on which Mumbai Dindoshi court hearing today. Court on Wednesday asked the police side. Police today will stand on the matter. The hearing will be at 11 am. Rahul’s condition is still bad.

On the other Aor Rahul Raj Singh’s lawyer Neeraj Gupta dropped out of the case. Case quit announce Rahul Gupta said on Wednesday they had hid some important information. Gupta said, “The good or bad of a client and his lawyer should have the rights to share all information. But I kept in the dark. I found out all the details. I left the case on humanitarian grounds. I thought this case should not contest. I left the case because there is injustice to anyone.

Pratyusha implicating millions of women had Aentta Pdhenः boyfriend Rahul Raj
from the case after giving Ashok Gupta Rahul Sarogi case is taken up. Ashok Dindoshi court the day after Rahul FIR filed anticipatory bail. The court on Thursday will hear.

and may stimulate harassment case against Gandhi for Aatmahtya

Pratyusha’s mother’s statement, the police on Tuesday registered a case of attempt to suicide against Rahul. Those on harassment and other sections have also been booked. Pratyusha Banerjee Soma’s mother says that he beat his daughter. However, he says that he has no role in the suicide of Pratyusha. On the small screen serial Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha Banerjee on Friday in recognition of her flat in Goregaon allow her were dead.

Pdhenः Pratyusha Banerjee, Rahul Raj Singh’s parents made several revelations

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“After the” valley of death “, only 50% of start-ups survive”


François Bracq, r esponsible start-up Google and partner summit Challenges startups, explains what the Mountain View company in favor of young shoots.

Qu ‘ is what Google does for the development of start-up?

We have identified a critical time in the life of a start-up, that of internationalization. So, five years after their creation and the crossing of the so-called “valley of death”, only 50% of start-ups have survived, according to the Raise-Bain study.

In response, what we propose with our Scale up program, developed in France, is to help French start-up to become global players. In 2015, 10 “Scale Up” program, which BlaBlaCar or Manomano, opened in over 30 countries, employed more than 400 people, doubled their turnover and rose to over 250 million.

is France really favorable to an ecosystem for startups?

France stands by very strong entrepreneurial intentions. In 2014, 14% of French 18 to 64 years say they want to start a business in the next three years, against 12% of Americans, 11% of Italians, 7% of Britons and only 6% of Germans (Ipsos survey for States of France).

Moreover, a study EY / France Digitale , the French start-up recorded a strong growth in turnover (+ 43% in 2013) , generate employment (+ 22%) and conquering of foreign markets (39% of revenue generated abroad). So France is a land of innovation, we need to encourage and support.

What is still missing?

must perhaps culturally agree not to fear failure in favor of greater risk taking. The vast majority of successful entrepreneurs have previously experienced failures. But this observation also applies to investment funds.

How to make France a land of unicorns?

We must create conditions for start- up to grow their market size. For example, the creation of a European digital single market, stable, uniform, single, should allow start-ups to target a potential of 500 million Europeans.

More generally, it should contribute to the development of a fertile environment for the growth of start-ups. This is what we do at Google with our renewed support of 1 million euros in NUMA, through our participation in major events in the community or through our partnership with Digital France.

are start-uppers a new class of entrepreneurs?

the start-uppers are obviously fully fledged entrepreneurs, but what characterizes them is certainly their international ambitions from the beginning of their entrepreneurial venture. Indeed, for them, success is considered that several markets and in a very short time horizon: the famous “scalability”. Technology, digital and globalization have opened great opportunities that start-uppers know how to seize to grow their business and vision.

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Start-up: play it like Mazzella and BlaBlaCar


see the number of incubators that grow in business schools , the success of initiative French Tech , or the growing role of young graduates to start their own business, there’s no doubt: yes, France is a land of startups . But is it an earth scale-up so far? “The scale-up is the realization of the promise that exists in the start-up,” explains Jacky Lintignat, CEO of KPMG partner involved when first start-up of the Summit Challenges , organized on Wednesday April 6th. In other words, a start-up that has survived the test of time, is proof of its business, but continues to grow. Their number in France by Jacky Lintignat? 203, including the famous BlaBlaCar. Its CEO, Frederic Mazzella was present at the start-up of the Summit to deliver the experience of risky crossing start-up to scale-up.

“There are no American player in our business”

to listen to the boss, his site was created in 2006 to become the world leader in carpooling it has become since. “From the beginning, we had an international ambition, because in the digital, to achieve economies of scale, it takes a maximum of users,” recalls Mazzella. “Our platform is based on a combination of three technologies: a database, a search engine and connectivity One hundred platforms are also built on this combination as LinkedIn, eBay, Dropbox, Uber and Airbnb, and all are destined to. become world class products (note: the global services) “

a successful challenge for BlaBlaCar now established in 22 countries with 25 million members, and a dominant position.. Luck has had the business? “There is no American player on our business, long-distance carpooling, advanced Mazzella Dozens of startups have tried and failed for several reasons. Cheap gasoline in the United United, long distances, etc. ” A real opportunity for BlaBlaCar. “It allows us to develop around the world without finding we constantly face a US competitor”

To expand its territory BlaBlaCar stepped up fundraising. The last, in September, 200 million, valued the company at $ 1.6 billion. A figure that Frederic Mazzella take with tweezers: “The valuation of a company is like a shadow, it depends on where the sun is,” he quips. But regardless, with over 1 billion value, he’s propelled into the elite circle of unicorns. With 500 employees and 10 years of existence, BlaBlaCar is not a startup, but a scale-up.

The advice Mazzella

So, what are the advice boss to enter the big league, and above all, stay there? “There are three components that must be taken when a company grows, warns Frederic Mazzella,” DNA, growth strategy and entrepreneurial mindset. “DNA is the ability of the start- up to maintain its corporate culture, transmitting values, to keep the proximity of employees with the product. in BlaBlaCar, key values ​​are plastered on walls, printed on stickers, and all employees are carpooling.

Next, the growth strategy is to “think about how to finance, which must always anticipate and customer acquisition,” advanced Frederic Mazzella Not to mention the in-growth.: “a startup recruits 5 to 10 people a year, a scale-up, hundreds of people !, he insists. Or, to recruit hundreds of people, we must attract tens of thousands, so contact to be an attractive company. That’s why we launched the # ReviensLéon program. “Evidence that BlaBlaCar has built its employer brand, it happens in third of companies ranking in which to work (Great Place to work), in its domain, and it has joined the Universum ranking companies where students dream of working directly in the 30th position.

Finally, Frédéric Mazzella, we must maintain an entrepreneurial spirit, that is to say, among other things, “to have the passion for the product, and build his team around”. Far from resting on its laurels, the boss says in conclusion: “Every day for fifteen years, I say,” so I do not know how, cool, I’ll teach If I hear no more, I fane! “. No doubt, at the head of its scale-up, it keeps the mind startups .

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When startups upset the scientific sector


The first start-up of the Summit, held in partnership with Challenges and Sciences et Avenir at the Palais Brongniart, allowed Wednesday to review the many areas in France have the most dynamic and innovative young shoots. With a question: what will be the new territories next unicorns, those famous startups whose turnover exceeds one billion dollars

Among the first topics discussed there? is one that has become essential, the connected objects . With an interrogation, their boom he reports to a p mode hénomène or he translated a future? For some, the question no longer arises. “This is an inevitable Darwinian movement. It’s like going to the web 20 years ago,” says Rafi Haladjian, founder of A new territory that startups have everything to gain to explore. But the one who invented the rabbit connected and ultra-trendy Nabaztag in the early 2000s, warns. “The problem is that focuses on the subject is now time to connect the experiences by watching how behave people. “

the opportunities in the medical sector

the field of health is concerned. Shocked by the emergence of new technologies, medicine is changing . “We live a very interesting time. But health has not yet made its industrial revolution. This means that there are huge opportunities”, said Laurent Levy, founder in 2003 of Nanobiotix, specializing in start-up nanomedicine techniques. At the intersection of biology and physics, his start-up should put a product on the market for cancer patients in the course of the year. “And we have several ongoing clinical trials,” he said.

The discussions also devoted the comeback of the artificial intelligence (AI) . Very fashionable in the 80s, ringardisée by d éferlante Internet, it is now the heart of the work of Yann LeCun, director of research in artificial intelligence at Facebook. “ With deep learning, we have witnessed a revolution in automatic recognition of shapes, images, speech. It had become cautious on artificial intelligence but now we can produce systems performance and the enormous speed of execution, “he said.

Survive the” valley of death “

Other territory to reach the hands of the start-up civilian drones . “The French market for civilian drones could represent € 650 million in 2025, if one believes a prospective study published in early March by Oliver Wyman,” Dominique figure Leglu Managing Editor of Sciences et Avenir . emerging trend of these flying machines? Tracking. New features of “sense and avoid” that detect and avoid obstacles involved in lifting one of three locks that still limit the explosion of the UAV market, decrypts Christophe Baillon, company director of software Sogilis.

So many borders to push that should not be forget the fragility of startups. “ In France, 50% of start-ups do not survive to five years,” recalls François Bracq, the Scale Up program from Google. This is why Google launched its Scale Up program to accompany the startups to help them take that step. “Three or four years is when the entrepreneur is alone to cross the valley of death. This is where we will help by sharing with them our experience of hyper-growth and access to information. “

by writing Sciences et Avenir

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Ariane 6 Will it really take off in 2020?


This is now a wasteland in the middle giant website Airbus Defence and Space Les Mureaux (Yvelines). Yet it is here that Airbus Safran Launchers (ASL), the new Airbus and Safran joint venture in space launch vehicles, will assemble the main floor of the future Ariane 6 rocket, in a new building. A few meters, 250 specialists are already working on the definition of the launcher, on a dedicated tray: “This is what we call the extended enterprise,” extended enterprise “: we work on the same stage with our customers (CNES, ESA ) and partners on the definition of launcher “says Alain Charmeau, Airbus boss Safran Launchers

the challenge was enough to give cold sweats. the first flight of Ariane 6 is planned from 2020 followed by the first commercial shot in 2021, before reaching the full rate (11 launches per year) since 2023. price later, ASL has committed to a 50% decrease compared to the Ariane launch prices 5: Ariane 6 will be available to 70 million in light version (Ariane 62) and 90 to 100 million euros in heavy version (Ariane 64), against 180 million to Ariane 5. in other words, teams – 1,000 people Les Mureaux, in 6000 while Europe- are under strain. “We are moving in exactly the intended speed, ensures Alain Charmeau. We had control of the raw materials of the first pieces of the launcher.”

“administrative hassles”

Yet the clouds are piled in recent months on the program. The integration of 8,000 employees and fifteen Airbus plants and Safran in the new company ASL, in October 2015, is still not effective. The project still stumbles over a tax issue: the imposition by the French tax authorities of the balance of 800 million euros that Safran is to pay Airbus to achieve parity in ASL capital. Negotiations with Bercy drag on for several weeks. On February 24, the head of Airbus Group, Tom Enders, deplored the “policies and red tape” that delay the creation of the new group of 2.3 billion euros in turnover. “It’s very frustrating, he assured. We’re wasting valuable time. Our competitors, who do not have this kind of problem, we will not wait.”

Enders did not think so right . Two days later, on 26 February, is the European Commission who put his two cents in the case, by opening an inquiry on the majority shareholding in ASL Arianespace, the company in charge of the launch of Ariane, Soyuz and Vega small launcher Italian. “Piss Airbus and Safran on competition issues seems completely crazy, when we know how the Russian and American competitors are subsidized” assures Challenges the leader of a European space group. The survey, which should lead to a decision in July, poses a sword of Damocles over the project, the integration of Arianespace in ASL is considered strategic by the industry.

the date of 2020 threatened?

These administrative setbacks can it threaten the date of 2020 for the first flight of Ariane 6? “For now, this is not the case,” Alain Charmeau swear. The boss of ASL always hope a release the tax issue before the meeting with the European Space Agency (ESA) provided late April meeting at which the manufacturer must commit to the total cost of the development of Ariane 6 and confirm the price targets set launchers. If this was not the case, things start to get tougher: “If we miss our date of April we also will miss the one of 2020,” warned the director of strategy of Airbus Group, Marwan Lahoud, on 24 February.

In ASL, it is reassuring. Industrial presented Wednesday, April 6th the Director General of ESA in January Wörner digital model of the future launcher. The major technical choices were arrested, including the fact that the rocket will be assembled horizontally and vertically as Ariane 5. “This solution allows to limit costs, and that the operators are not alone on their platforms in case of problems, “says Patrick Bonguet, director of Ariane 6. emphasis is also put on 3D printing of the most complex parts, standardization of equipment to limit the cost and streamlining tool European industrial. The production of large metal structural parts has been entrusted to the only factory in Augsburg (Germany) at MT Aerospace.

Weariness of employees

But among employees and ASL both Airbus and Safran shareholders are beginning to lose patience with the procrastination of the authorities. The CFE-CGC AED ( Aerospace Space Defence) has split a vitriolic statement in early March: “We ask the Franco-French players to take responsibility and to achieve the faster the creation of Airbus Safran Launchers under the conditions initially envisaged. And we demand that the European institutions open their eyes to global competition instead of staying in a Brussels microcosm. ”

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How Facebook intends to compete Periscope


The success of Periscope, live video of the service Twitter creates envious . The American social network Facebook has decided to encourage the use of filmed videos from a smartphone and broadcast live on its platform with a series of improvements announced Wednesday, April 6 for his dedicated service “Live” .

It will include adding to its mobile applications a space dedicated to Live: users can see the most popular live video more easily identify those of interest to them through a theme by ranking, or do research. The viewer of a video can also invite friends to watch along with him.

The creators of videos can in turn limit the distribution to members of a specific group of Facebook , or persons invited to an “event” on the network that could be used for example to outline a party to the guests who could not come or arrange a private concert

the reactions of the audience ( “like”, “haha” and other “Grrr”) also appear now live in small symbols on the video. “It’s like hearing the applause and encouragement from the crowd,” says Simo Fiji, an official of the product in Live Facebook .

By being deployed on Android

“Live” was launched last summer, initially only for celebrities and expanded earlier this year to a wider audience. The service now allows to broadcast mobile video live from sixty countries with iPhone of Apple , and it is under international deployment for devices operating under Android, the operating system of Google .

Facebook now goes into overdrive in the video, where he tries to s’ emerge as a rival to YouTube (Alphabet group). As the 360 ​​degree videos, live streaming is “a natural evolution” of its strategy to offer more immersive interactive content and users, says Fiji Simo AFP.

According to her, the Home has been good for all audiences, with many moments of everyday life broadcast live, for example to seek the advice of friends during tours of apartments, but also an important use by celebrities or media .

“the celebrities are adopting many, with many of them doing Q, athletes who show their training, chefs doing cooking demonstrations?” She explains

“We also have a lot of media that advertise new in this way, or take you behind the scenes.”: It evokes broadcasts on the sidelines of the red carpet at the Oscars or presenters TV coming and continue the discussion on the social network after broadcasting their program on a chain.

“it is both complementary (with TV) and a way for people to have a different perspective, “she says.

(With AFP)

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Nokia 400 positions would be threatened France


Bad news for Nokia’s employees. The Finnish group announced Wednesday, April 6 consultations with staff representatives in thirty countries. The goal: reduce its workforce following its merger with Alcatel-Lucent, the French Inter confirming 400 planned job cuts in France. “The job cuts will occur largely in areas where there are duplicates, such as research and development, and regional structures as well as management functions marketing services,” the Finnish giant equipment for telecoms in a statement.

Nokia plans to cut about 1,300 jobs in Finland, 20% of its total workforce in the country, but did not specify the number of post reductions envisaged in the rest of the world. The group hopes to total savings of 900 million euros per year from 2018.

4,300 cuts in Europe

In a statement released Wednesday, the Inter CFDT, CFE CGC, CGT, CFTC Nokia in France says that “management will hunt duplicates with over 4,300 jobs lost in Europe.” The unions amounted to “411 job cuts’ impact for France,” mainly on general, commercial and administrative functions “and the closure of Boulogne sites (headquarters of Alcatel-Lucent) and Asnieres (France Nokia seat ).

Meanwhile, Nokia is planning the “creation of 337 jobs in research and development (R & D)” and “redeployment or retraining of engineers working on products removed from the portfolio to new technologies” says the Inter in his text. Nokia had promised to create 500 jobs in R & D in France at the time of purchase of Alcatel-Lucent and “the maintenance of 4,200 employees for two years minimum,” reminiscent of the unions . “We will be very vigilant on keeping these commitments and call to be received pursuant to Bercy. France has paid a heavy price in previous restructurings and commitments should not be circumvented,” they add, in announcing “a first CEC since mid-April.”

(with AFP)

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France has nothing to be ashamed of its start-up, but …


Compared to what’s happening in San Francisco, New York, London or Tel Aviv, France no longer be ashamed of its start-up. The ecosystem is dynamic than elsewhere despite the small domestic market and the difficulty of some entrepreneurs to think right now globally. Remains a weak point: marketing

“The French Tech and the start-up of momentum in France is here to stay, says Nathalie Gaveau, founder of Shopcade 1st start-up of the Summit held Wednesday. Challenges and Sciences et Avenir . In London, there is a decline in the profitability of financial institutions. “The fear of Brexit nor promotes serenity. In short, if London was far ahead in the last few years is no longer quite the case today and we’ll see unicorns in France. Jérémie Berrebi, CEO of Magical Capital in Tel Aviv, Israel has an advantage and a disadvantage: “there is no local market is too small. We must immediately build a global business. “But the French in the early 2000s were fixed as goals to be national champions, they did not target the World Championship. And when they wanted to grow internationally, they were content to install a team here or there without actually going there. “We must go to the country, insists Jérémie Berrebi, must feel customers. The error of startupper is that they do not travel enough. In the US, we can afford it. But France is too small. “

The Silicon Valley is no longer a paradise

For Patricia Carreras, author of” Throwing his start-up in the US, “the French land mass in New York but they are unprepared to culture shock. “You have to decode what we will tell you, she says, the American is affable and love make contacts. But what interests him is what he will get. “She gives advice that falls like a chopper: if you want to go to the United States without speaking English, without inordinate dreams, or worse, if one just is not the founder, it is unnecessary to move.

The legendary Silicon Valley is no longer a paradise. “I see arrive two French start-upper daily to San Francisco airport, fun Romain Serman, director of Bpifrance USA. Valley remains the world capital of digital, but it’s very expensive. Fit a business in early stage costs four times more than in France. “It costs $ 200,000 to hire a single engineer and after two months he will be party to earn more elsewhere so turnover is important. At the same time, the Valley is full of French, there is in every business. This presence is good for the image of France. “The level of the French coming up, recognizes Romain Serman, there is a change of mentality, now they think global. “It is still necessary to have a coherent goal:” to come to the United States to raise funds is a mistake, we go to sell, he insists. In fact, there is a tight market and a return of Capital Efficiency.

The massive presence of French at CES in Las Vegas in January (the third delegation in number after the United States and China ) has puzzled Americans who have discovered the inventiveness of France. “Excellent for marketing in France, Romain Serman judge, the Valley is very orientated towards Asia, France is not even on the map …” Suddenly, the eyes have turned to Paris, to the point that certain US start-ups want to put their R & D in France. First for quality engineers but also because the costs are lower than they are to US .

“In France, it does there is no output “

France would therefore have the qualities? Alas, not quite. Jérémie Berrebi, “In France, there is no exit,” no large group to buy promising startups. Any US start-up can be redeemed by Google, Facebook or Microsoft. In France, large groups have not yet understood the importance of these acquisitions and that it was cheaper to buy the skills to train people internally. In addition, the acquisition of start-up helps make money for investors who can then reinvest in new startups .

Finally, the benchmark of the four cities is rather favorable to France: the commenters agree that the mentality of the french start-upper has changed considerably in recent years and that nothing is missing in France to become a land unicorn.

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