Maria Meer Makeover in Morning Show 001

Maria Meer Makeover in Morning Show

Maria Meer had a makeover in a morning show recently. The singer was called on Nida Yasir’s morning show recently and had a makeover there. The makeover was done by Aliya Tipu of Alle Nora. After the makeover, Maria Meer looked really different. The singer was transformed from a plain and simple girl to a diva. Her hair was streaked and cut and makeup was applied. She looked even more beautiful after the makeover.

Maria Meer was actually a contestant on Pakistan Idol. She was rejected by the judges due to her childish voice. However, a lot of people felt that her voice was really good. Her rejection was criticized heavily on social media. Ultimately she got a duet song with Amanat Ali. Amanat Ali’s Naina Lage with Maria Meer was liked by many people.

So, now she is quite famous in the entertainment industry. You can see the pictures of Maria Meer Makeover here.

Maria Meer Makeover in Morning Show 001

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