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Bilaal Daewoo Pakistani Transport and Bus Service

Bilaal Daewoo is a luxury travel service which is available in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Murree, Gujarat, Sahiwal, Kohat, Mardan, and Faisalabad and in many other cities.Bilaal Daewoo, first time in Pakistan is the latest model with the full security system experience and co-operative staff.

Featured  qualities are as follows:
(1) Buses leave and reach on time.
(2) Breakfast and drinks are produced on board.
(3) Female host ness takes care like in the aero plane.
(4) Head phone is provided to listen the music or watch video on LCD.
(5) Each bus terminal has waiting area, wash rooms, family entertainment, cafeteria and many more etc.
Bilaal Daewoo Faisalabad ——–Faisalabad day’s travel:

Time: 127 minutes (2 hours and 7 minutes).
Although Daewoo bus is more relaxing .But as we know that its rare are more exactly twice than a countable 36 seats. It is air conditioned bus which takes almost same time from Islamabad to Lahore and vice versa. Bilal Daewoo are very punctual in their time.

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