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Aisam ul Haq and Faha Makhdom Akmal Divorced

Aisam ul Haq  and Faha Makhdom Akmal cute couple came to an end.
Aisam ul Haq Qureshi, solely in style tennis player of Pakistan and Faha Makhdom Akmal new about obtaining divorced is everywhere and thus many stories behind their separation.
Reportedly Faha Akmal is currently living in London with her parents, after the couple couldn’t develop good understanding and hence decided to part ways

According to Aisam’s mother, news of the tennis star filing for divorce is wrong. Meanwhile his father Ihtisham ul Haq Qureshi said that Aisam had not sent divorce papers to his wife.

Aisam’s father also denied to this news that the marriage is not broken.
Geo News reported that Faha Akmal has confirmed the news saying:
“I respect Ehtashaam Uncle, but he is wrong over here. Aisam and I are not happy with each other and Aisam has signed divorce papers.”
Allegedly, She further wrote on a social website:
“Our families don’t want to reveal our issue, but I’m serious and so is Aisam. We are done with each other.”

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