Raspberry PI 2 Media Center

This is the most complete solution and easiest to implement to transform its Raspberry Pi into complete media center. I was quickly seduced by this solution because in a very short time you can sublimate our music data / video / image. Indeed RaspBMC is able to recognize the names of such movies and then download all the data associated with it, namely the pitch, posters, additional images, or even the cast trailer. In addition to the Raspberry Pi is capable of playing Full HD files and I tested a few and indeed it holds up well even with large files.


RaspBMC – Installation System

We’ll start with RaspBMC install on your Raspberry Pi. First connect your SD card to your PC. You can download RaspBMC on the official website. You will need to format your SD card by naming “usb” (At least that is what is stated on the site but it can work without I think) and you can do this with this little app. Then launch the utility downloaded from the website of RaspBMC and choose your SD card to start copying files. On windows it looks like this:

raspberry pi 2 media center with RaspBMC

Once copying is complete, insert your SD card into the Raspi, connect it so that it starts and then launches the installation. Once completed you should come across something that looks like the image below and if that’s the case it’s all good, we can move on;)


RaspBMC – Manage the Media

What is a “scraper”

What we Wikipedia says:

The  Web scraping  (sometimes called  Harvesting) is a technique for extracting the contents of websites, via a script or program in order to transform it to allow its use in another context.

The  web scraping  can be used to retrieve metadata. Thus the media library  XBMC  retrieves information about the media it manages (posters and summaries of movies and TV shows, cover albums, etc.) on various sites such as IMDb Screenrush or through dedicated scrapers.

A scraper so it is a database that contains lots of information in which we will be able to provide information go pick a bunch of information on a film for example. The scraper is used here for the music, movies and series. This is the title of files that is used to search for related information, that is why we must pay attention to the naming of files (ex = “Asterix and Obelix.avi” = GOOD,“Astériiiix_et_OBELIX-UPBY-TECHHNNEEWS_DVDRIP_2014 .avi “= NOT GOOD).

Now that we know what a scraper we will be able to pass the management of the library.

Add the files to the media library

I plugged in my hand for my external hard drive to a USB port on the Raspberry Pi, we must still be careful because if you have a hard drive that is powered by USB (which will not fit on the current) then it is best to connect it to a USB hub that is powered him because the juice provided by the Raspi is not sufficient to power the drive system in addition. From experience I advise you to separate the sets of movies, made two distinct records.

Nothing on the Home screen RaspBMC we have only one video link. To tell XBMC our Movies folder contains movies you must go to VIDEO> FILE> NOM_DE_VOTRE_DD, put on your movie file and right click (button “C”  key) and click on “Change category”. Then choose “(Films)”, you can also choose your scraper, for my part I chose Universal Movie Scraper. Before Making Ok click on “Settings” and replace everywhere in the French language.

You can do the same for your TV Series record obviously choosing the category “(TV Series)” and even manipulation ‘concerning languages.


raspbmc-changer raspbmc-changer2 raspbmc-changer3

For music go to the Music tab and your folder containing your music right click and choose “Integrate the library”. Since the software scans all files this will surely take time. When you add files to this folder so that they are integrated in the library you can simply right-click on any folder and choose “Update the library.”
Normally now your home page now looks something like this:



RaspBMC – Interesting extensions

XBMC also offers the ability to add extensions to expand its possibilities. You can search the System Menu / SETTINGS / EXTENSIONS. Here are a few interesting one I tested.

For music

TuneIn Radio (I was using another at the beginning and I preferred but it does not work without explanation …)
Soundcloud – To find all your playlists. (you can add it by searching directly into XBMC)
For videos

Televisions (Direct Replay +) – Canal +, D8, TF1, Tele-en (many television channels including France)
Koreus – To find all the videos on the site
For images

Personally I’ve realized that I do not really picture was using the plugins but I give you it can still serve you.

500px, Google and Picasa are accessible via the search for extensions.
Download all extensions mentioned above.

Extensions to access extensions?

That’s about it, in fact you can install “repositories” that list extensions. Indeed most extensions are written by individuals so not necessarily accessible through the “repository” official. Here is the one I use:

Frodo of which is also a site where you can find information for XBMC.
RaspBMC – And for the remote control then?

Not very convenient to control your media center with a mouse and a keyboard you will agree. A solution exists, go to your favorite AppStore or Playstore and seeking “XBMC remote” you will find your happiness, especially with the official application that I you advice. Changes everything can control RaspBMC with his phone and it is more reactive.

Another solution is to configure the server RaspBMC, go to SYSTEM / SETTINGS / SERVICES / Web Server tuck a login and password, and select “Allow control XBMC HTTP”. Go to the local IP address in your browser Raspi well returning the port indicated: eg and you will see appear remote.



Angrybird happens on Facebook, return to a game became a phenomenon

angry birds on facebook

It is no longer the now legendary game where you launch birds to destroy buildings. Seemingly simple game but in the well-established trade policy! Indeed, launched in December 2009, it now reaches more than  700 million downloads on various platforms (iOS, Android, PSN, Chrome etc.) and does not stop there since its release on Facebook is scheduled for 14 February 2012. History still get some million users …

For the Facebook version of Angry Birds will be playable in full screen and integrate new “power-up”, like an earthquake, it will be possible to unlock dint of play and score points or by paying 99 cents in Facebook Credits (story monetize some of the history and pick up “again” a few million).


Of course, a scoreboard and community functions will be used to encourage players to beat their friends and to spend more and more time to swing edgy sparrows on green pigs …

With Angry Bird, Rovio has launched a commercial machine without  limit! There are countless products bearing the image of the game (see image) or special versions such that Angry Bird RIO or all those in the extension  Angry Birds Seasons  which includes levels with Halloween theme Christmas Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick, Easter. At every important festival a new edition of the game is proposed. On 20 January, Rovio has even launched a version  Year of the Dragon for the Chinese New Year.

But the company does not stop there, from December 28 to 30 2011, the mall Carrefour Tunis, the first Angry birds Cup was organized. This is a tournament that allows players to win samsung touch tablets. Moreover, a life-size reproduction was made   May 11, 2011 in the streets of Barcelona in Spain by T-mobile operator.

In short the rule of this game is not over and even take a new impetus soon. The most popular games on the most popular social networks, it may explode counters!

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8 sites to find free high-resolution images Rights

Free High Resulation Images

Free High Resulation Images

Hello everyone, I recently spoke with a free site high definition images Rights onTwitter and I thought why not write an article to share with you all the sights of beautiful free images I met at As. Gradually my file was completed and these sites are really interesting so here is a small selection of sites providing free high definition pictures Rights.


    Best free stock picture in one place.




    Startups are sexy. Free photos are sexy. Go create something amazing.


    Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos. 10 new pictures every 10 days.


    Royalty free high resolution image for your business and personal projects.


    FREE high-resolution photos, no copyright restrictions. Images for personal & commercial use. New photographs addes weekly! Love!


    Free hi-resolution photos. Use em HOWEVER you like.

  8. sitebuilderreport. com / stock-up

    Search 21 high-quality, free stock photo of websites in one place.



    Infographics. The easy way.


    A simple and easy to use app to help you slice and dice pictures That Will fit perfectly in your Facebook Timeline.

I invite you to add sites that you use in the comments;)

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Stuffed And Sanded Apple

Stuffed and sanded apple Stuffed and sanded apple

Baked apple, a simple dessert and has always successful … but this time she is even more elegant thanks to its small pastry hat, an idea taken on Pinterest.

Ingredients (4 people)

4 apples Ariane The Naturianes® 190g shortbread 6càs ground almonds 50g butter 1 case of powdered sugar


Wash the apples.
Cut a cap and scoop out the core of each apple.
In a bowl, mix the ground almonds, icing sugar and melted butter.
Stuff the apples with the mixture.
Roll out the pastry on your floured surface and cut about 1cm wide strips.
Place the strips on each apple and braiding.
Place the apples in a baking dish. Pour a little water in bottom of dish.
Bake for 20 minutes.


Baked Potato and Delicious Sauce

Baked potato and delicious sauceA simple idea but still had its effect … especially with that little touch of Philadelphia.

Ingredients (serves 4)

4 large potatoes
thick 170g cream
cheese 150g Philadelphia
salt, pepper


Preheat oven to 180 °.
Wash and dry the potatoes.
Wrap each in foil and bake for 1 hour in the oven.
Meanwhile, combine sour cream, cheese and chives in a large bowl.
Add salt and pepper. Mix and refrigerate.
Remove the potatoes, splitting and add cream cheese.
Serve immediately.


Chicken with Vinegar and Mustard

A little chicken well cooked and well seasoned … it all !!!

Chicken with Vinegar and Mustard

Chicken with Vinegar and Mustard

Ingredients (serves 6)

1 chicken
50ml wine vinegar
2 cases mustard
2 cases of tomato paste
250ml water
200ml single cream
2 cases of olive oil
salt, pepper


Cut the chicken into pieces.
In a hot pan, pour olive oil and brown the chicken pieces. Season with salt and pepper.
Pour water and vinegar. Cover and simmer gently for 20 minutes. Remove the chicken and set aside. In a grans bowl mix: cream, mustard and tomato puree. Pour this mixture into the casserole. Mix and simmer gently without boiling 2-3 minutes. Add the chicken pieces and let simmer again gently 4-5 minutes.Serve immediately with fresh tagliatelle.


Aiman and Minal Khan Birthday Party Pics

Here we are bringing you some of Aiman and Minal Khan Birthday party pics. The twins’ 17th  birthday party was held on 20th November 1998. It was quite an exciting party with other actors like Maya Ali invited. Both sisters looked very beautiful on the occasion as they cut the cake together. The twins also celebrated their birthday on a morning show hosted by Sanam Baloch. Their entire family was invited on the show. Their close friend was also invited to their birthday party on the show. Read More


Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan Photo Shoot for Pepe Jeans

Pakistan actress Mahira Khan photo shoot pictures for Pepe Jeans have been brought to you by us. Mahira Khan is a famous Pakistani actress, who has endorsed different local brand. But now, she has gone on to endorsing foreign brand also. Read More



After the Bridal Week held in the US, we now know the trends of the season 2016! The white wedding dress will you you doubt, honor again this year, but beware, not version meringue. The program of the 2016 wedding dresses trends? Neckline in the back, lace, thin straps and sleeves. Laure Sagazan, Elise Hameau, Pronuptia or Delphine Collin: the creations are all more sublime than each other! Quickly discover our 25 wedding dresses 2016 favorite!



Once Jules made his request, with a beautiful ring to the key of course, one must already have the reflex: wedding dress.



And if there is indeed something complicated, is to find the dress of her dreams …
one that will put us in value, while being in trend.


It is difficult to choose among the many models offered by major retailers but also small creative going up!


As we have seen during Bridal Week in Manhattan (read “the week of the bride”), the  trends 2016 wedding dresses  are gorgeous, this year.


Wedding Dress 2016: the trend of big neckline in the back.


Elegance and excellence through refinement, the heavily indented wedding dresses models in the back are being honored this year.



Wedding Dress 2016: the trend of the top and skirt separated


Sometimes we fall on top of a dress without assessing down. Fashioned was a favorite on the bottom of a dress without love up. In 2016, this will not happen to you. The revolution is on!


Choose a top and skirt separately: result? A set that looks just like a dress. The benefits of a more odd.


To put the finishing touches to this set retro spirit, choose the crown braid as a weddinghairstyle. Guaranteed romanticism.



Wedding Dress 2016: the trend lace again and again


This year, the lace wedding dress is the absolute star of the wedding season. The chic detail of the year? The lace-tulle combination that gives an aerial look so romantic.


Far, far away from the pie a little tulle 90s, this material becomes more lightness and femininity.Combined with lace pretty much appreciated married: it caused a sensation.



Wedding Dress 2016: the tendency of thin straps


The wedding next year will love the lightweight materials such as air and thin straps, which can be guessed more than they see themselves. It crack, among others, for the beautiful model Rime Arodaky wedding dress.


This combines all the pretty trends of the season: a fluid material that hugs the body like a second skin, and fine ultra feminine fasteners. We love!



Wedding Dress 2016: the trend sleeves


Obviously, even though many models are biased to strapless wedding dresses, in 2016, it is noted that the short-sleeved wedding dresses, puffed ¾ or even longer are also on the front of the stage.


Dare trend bridal shoes and lightly colored to complete this angelic look. Result ? You are sublime.

Quickly discover the 25 most beautiful wedding dresses 2016  we selected you.
>>> Which is your favorite?